Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

Home Automation in San Francisco: Turn Your House into a Comfort Zone

Do you want to turn your old house into a modern masterpiece? Home automation is your ultimate solution. With a home automation system, you can increase comfort in your giants box seats. The system uses innovative technology and artificial intelligence. You can automate everything around you, such as door locks, thermostat, and watering system of lawn. Once you set a schedule, the home automation technology will follow it to complete every task. For instance, you can skip a day in a week for a sprinkler system. Sensors in the ground can measure the moisture level in your lawn and send a report to the central system to take the final decision. To activate this system, different sensors will be placed around your yard and in your house. These sensors will automate your home to manage everything as per your desires. Home Automation: How it works? Home automation allows you to decrease your security bills, increase your comfort and security. The system needs your preferences to manage different activities of your house. The main automation system acts as the hub of… Continue reading

5 Telemedicine Solutions Helping Patients Live Longer

In the modern world, using technology has become a way of life. Many industries have already digitized their services, using technology to their advantage to serve their clients as efficiently as possible. When it comes to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, however, the transformation has taken longer to take shape. In fact, just six percent of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies said they had gone viral in a recent study, compared to 11 percent of companies in other industries. With that being said, the telemedicine market has exploded in recent years with new technology devices aimed to help people live longer arriving on the market every day. If you don’t already know what telemedicine is, however, you wouldn’t be alone. Despite having a vast and important history in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, little is known about this form of medicine outside of the industry. According to HealthcareWeekly, telemedicine is “a term used to describe the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients via telecommunication channels like the internet and mobile platforms”. All this really means is that patients can receive treatment… Continue reading

Flower Technologies You May Want To Know More About

For most of us, flowers are beautiful, a symbol of something we really like. It is easy to understand why people from all around the world love flowers. However, flowers are so much more than what we initially think. Those flowers that we instantly recognize are the ones that quickly attract birds and insects. Technology is changing the way we interact with flowers, their availability and more. Nowadays, it is really easy to go online, visit a site like Flowwow, and order exactly what we like. Flowers would reach our door and we can give them to those we love. We can also keep them, of course. This is what we all see when it comes to the influence of technology on how we interact with flowers. What we do not see is the hard work of numerous scientists that take advantage of what technology can do and transform flowers into something that was only a thought in the past. With all this in mind, here are some flower technologies you may want to know more about. Nanoflowers That Can… Continue reading

Mbps Makes The Big Difference In The Speed

Internet speed has been improved in the last decade. During the early days of the Internet, it was important to have an offline version of your software so that you can work even without an Internet connection. In this modern era of cloud computing, you don’t even need to install any software to do something on your computer. All you need is a browser and a stable Internet connection. Cloud computing is not the only area where the improvement on the Internet has thrived in the past decade. Gaming became more competitive now that there are more players playing online. Competition became bigger. Even the movies and TV shows can now be streamed without any hassle because of the improvement in the technology used. Check out popular streaming options at Cablecompare. But the Internet connection available right now is still not the best, even though it is better than a few decades ago. With data transmission having more demand than ever, the Internet speed should be able to keep up. It would not be too long when the day would… Continue reading

What Will Smartphones Look Like in 10 Years?

The smartphones of these present times can be regarded to be emblematical technological oak trees that could not have been even imagined two decades ago. With every innovation in high-speed connectivity, sensor technology, advanced touchscreen interface and powerful cameras among many other features, there are no boundaries to what smartphones can do. However, given the far that technology has come within a handful of years, it is worth considering just how far on that man`s innovative mind will shape the smartphones of the future. Let’s dive into some of the features that the smartphones of 2028 will be endowed with. 1. NextGen Phones Won`t Need Chargers At one point in time, we have all complained about our mobile phone`s battery life. As a result of this, over the years, manufacturers have put a lot of effort into enhancing phone batteries with every new model. However, despite making such advancements, they also come up with faster processors which end up draining more energy. A decade from now, this problem is likely to be a thing of the past due to the… Continue reading

How PCBs are made – the basics

The PCB manufacturing is important step towards successful build of electronic equipment. The quality of device, smooth operation may be influenced by printed circuit board – if it is well built, device works as planned, and if it has flaws then it may bring some deviations from normal operation. Anyway there are billions of electronic devices around the globe and all of them use PCBs as basis for circuits. Earlier devices were larger, used lots of through-hole components, but today in modern world electronics is very miniature and dense, thus PCBs become much more complex requiring more and thinner tracks, more layers and should work on high frequencies. So not only PCB designer has tough task, but also a PCB manufacturer should be able to follow the trends. But despite the requirement change, the whole process of PCB manufacturing remain practically the same. Continue reading