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Tips for Keeping Employees Safe in Company Cars

As an employer, it’s your job to keep your employees safe during business hours. When part of their job description requires them to utilize company cars, however, protecting them can be a bit more complex. As accidents occur every second of the day, ensuring that your staff safely gets to and from their destinations unharmed requires in-depth planning and attention to detail.

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While you cannot control every element on the road that can cause an accident, you can reduce the likelihood of one of your staff getting hurt. That’s why it is important to set up safety measures such as these listed below: 

Choose Safe Cars

When choosing company cars it’s important to look for more than just value. You also want to make sure the cars you select are safe. You can determine the safety of a car by checking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website. Every year, they conduct crash tests to determine the safety and efficiency of vehicles. Those with higher ratings are essentially the best selection for your company fleet.

Keep Vehicles Well-Maintained

Vehicles lose their efficiency the more they are driven. Tires give out, brakes wear down, filters get dirty, and fluids turn to mud. When this happens, it can lead to more serious car issues that cause an accident on the road. For example, tires that are not changed when required become bare and can cause a bad accident in the rain or snow.

To keep up with the maintenance of your company fleet you should look for a reliable mechanic. They will be more than willing to enter a contract with you to take care of all maintenance and repairs.

Set Driving Policies

Policies and procedures protect both you and your employees when they’re on the road. Work with management to come up with driving policies that include rules and regulations when operating company cars. Your policies might go over driving under the influence, distracted driving, following traffic laws, and driver safety. Have your employees review these policies and sign stating that they agree to the terms and conditions and understand the importance of being a safe and responsible driver.

Install Devices for Increased Safety

There is a lot of technology that can be installed in your company fleet to ensure your employees are safe on the road. One option would be to install GPS systems to reduce the likelihood of them getting lost. Some employers might feel more comfortable installing a tracking system with the GPS so they too know where their staff is. If your employees often entertain clients with some wining and dining, you may want to get breathalyzers installed on the vehicles. Should they have a bit more to drink than they should have at least you have comfort in knowing that they can’t operate the vehicle and put themselves and others in harm’s way. You can then have training sessions on topics like how does a breathalyzer work or rules to using the company monitoring system.

Do Regular Drug Screenings and DMV Checks

To ensure that your employees are being safe drivers it is imperative to implement regular screenings and checks. To deter them from abusing drugs or alcohol while operating a vehicle, random drug tests should be mandatory. Also to keep employees with terrible driving records off the roads it is ideal to check their motor vehicle transcript every year. An employee with lots of speeding violations or DUIs is best behind a desk than the wheel.

Set Reasonable Driving Hours

Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of highway accidents. That’s why it is important to set reasonable driving hours for your employees. Only have them drive a few hours each day. Ensure that they’re not driving during unrealistic hours when sleep is necessary. If they have to drive long-distance, make it mandatory for them to take a coworker with them to trade-off. You should also be mindful of how sending employees on the road during hazardous conditions.

When employees are out of the office and on the road, keeping them safe becomes a bit more complicated. It is important for business owners to ensure the safety of all their staff by taking safety measures and implementing strong policies that outline the importance of safe and responsible drivers. In doing so, you reduce the likelihood of your employees getting seriously hurt or worse. 

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