WellPCB – “PCB Manufacturing Process” Guide

PRESS RELEASE  UPDATED: JULY 31, 2019 The PCB manufacturing process is an essential part of the electronic product life cycle. Making PCBs is a complex process. This final guide covers the most critical steps in PCB production. Just keep on reading to discover more! Among the key subjects of PCB Fabrication Process include:

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WellPCB Published a Guide on “Cheap PCB Prototype – Something In Mind In selecting PCB Service.”

In this guide, we will introduce you to a supplier of inexpensive PCB prototypes. We will discuss what to consider when purchasing from them. I hope that you will be able to answer all your concerns and concerns in this article. The publication is available on the https://www.wellpcb.com/special/what-you-know-about-cheap-pcb-prototype.html section of the company’s website for free. It is a simple guide authored by the WellPCB technical team to help both beginners and professionals have a better understanding of Cheap PCB Prototype. Among the key subjects on Cheap PCB Prototype include:

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Designing and manufacturing advanced PCBs for better performance

Usually, advanced printed circuit boards (PCBs) are known as High-Density Interconnector (HDI) boards that have a higher density of wiring. This means finer and denser lines followed by smaller vias. This particular field uses different techniques to achieve extreme miniaturization. In general, advanced PCBs are the types of boards that usually require different techniques, materials, and use cases. In our case, let us focus on the substrate material, which is used to build advanced PCBs. Let us focus on PCBWay manufacturer, which offers a wide range of advanced PCB technologies.

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How to Find a Reliable Flexible Circuit Board Manufacturer | WELLPCB


Are you in the process of designing your next product? We are sure you want to get every detail right, which is why you can benefit from a flexible PCB. These boards are bendy and capable of accommodating any design. However, you should ensure to pick a reliable, flexible printed circuit board manufacturers, and that is not always an easy task. Take a look at this simple but informative guide on flexible PCBs, and learn how to pick the right company to order from today.

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A sneak peek at PCBway manufacturer – from ordering to sample

PCBway landing page

I have decided to try a different PCB manufacturer that offers competitive pricing – PCBway. First, let us look at the site’s landing page. Right off the bat, we can see the instant quote widget and the latest offering on flexible PCBs. Before we check their more advanced PCB offerings let’s look at the basic PCB fabrication and also check into how competitive is their pricing, how fast the shipping is, and most importantly, how good their PCBs are. We have already seen the landing screen now let us register get our sample PCBs! Click on Join Free and fill in the form below – just make sure your email is correct.

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Flex-Rigid PCB Manufacturing Technology | PCBGOGO

Flex-Rigid PCB

Rigid PCBs are something you will encounter almost everywhere. Their applications range from small electrical devices to large aerospace, military, and medical fields. Next, if we talk about ‘Flexible PCBs,’ they are built of the flexible substrate as opposed to rigid PCBs and have more advantages too. They have a lower thickness, have lighter weight, are dynamically bendable, can save space, and are more accessible for 3D interconnection assembly. They also have equally broad applications because of their excellent electrical and thermal performance. The next dominant type is the ‘Flex-Rigid PCB,” built through further development and optimization of flexible PCBs. We will discuss the properties, manufacturing, and applications of Flex-rigid PCBs. But first, let us generally describe Rigid-flex PCBs.

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