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Do technology and Sweden have links to your favourite online casino?

You might be forgiven for wondering what links an online casino to Sweden and technology. However, with so many tech start-ups based in Sweden and the country’s reputation as a tech trailblazer, it’s inevitable that the two sectors would cross paths. The popularity of online gambling has increased dramatically over the past few decades. Now, many people, including players in Sweden, prefer this type of gaming to the type offered by traditional venues like casinos, bingo halls, poker rooms, and clubs. Tech innovations make your online casino shine The type of innovative technology used by dozens of new and established companies in Sweden also makes the online casino a more appealing choice for new and established users. Take blockchain technology, for example. Already a hit with Swedish gamers, blockchain tech… Continue reading

Plumbing Technology Advancements You Might Want To Know More About

Whenever talking about plumbing and technology the question that seems to pop up more often now than ever is: “What is next?” In the past few years, we saw so many technological advancements made in the plumbing industry. Some of these are meant to conserve water while others are just meant to make things easier for the user. No matter the case, there is no way to deny the fact that plumbing technology advances much faster than expected. Obviously, the plumbing trends that are widespread and more available to people are those that are surely going to hold the test of time. However, you never know what acceptance level something has. According to Fix It Right plumbing experts, numerous trends came and went. Those that are nowadays really interesting and… Continue reading

Apps That Attorneys Should Consider Using

The law is not changing as fast as some people think but the job of the attorney is changing. Technology is influencing every single industry in the world. Law did not lag behind. There are now so many tools attorneys can use. Why not take advantage of that? Offen Law already did and recommends the following apps as being indispensable for modern attorneys. Billing, Billable Hours And Accounting Software Even when dealing with a smaller law practice, hours have to be tracked so that time can be counted. You also need to be aware of the clients that do not pay or know how much they have to pay. There are different great options available in the business world like Xero, Quicken or QuickBooks. However, since you work as an… Continue reading

Modern Legal Tech Platforms That Can Change A Law Firm

Technology advances at a fast rate right now, affecting the way in which every single industry does business. Law practice is no different. Close to all legal work aspects are being impacted. The law firms that oppose updating practices are exposed to the huge risk of quickly being surpassed by the competition. According to Joshua Harshberger, the best thing he ever did was to accept using new technology and the truth is that every legal practice should do the same. There are numerous tech apps and platforms that can be used these days. Those mentioned below just stand out as being the most popular. You can always conduct your own research and see what the best pick for your business is. Diligen This software offers a really easy-to-use user interface… Continue reading

Virtual entertainment

Personal pocket computer  Over the past years, technology has progressed exponentially. We no longer need bulky computers to stay connected with other people via internet or play video-games. With each new generation, computer hardware has become smaller and more powerful to the point in which we can carry all the processing power of an entire personal computer in our pocket. Our thirst for better and more powerful hardware has led to rapid innovations in computing and communication technologies. Adapting with new technology In today’s society, whether we like it or not, we spend most of our time in the virtual world. The emergence of the internet has transformed our society, from the way we do business, to the way we communicate and process information. Continue reading

Can Blockchain Be Used To Enhance Embedded Systems?

As things currently stand, there’s a strong case to be made that blockchain frameworks are not a good fit with embedded systems, small controlling and operating mechanisms designed for a specific purpose and existing within a much larger electrical or mechanical system. Sure, in theory, blockchain could thrive as a part of a larger mechanical or electrical structure, but miniature devices are supposed to work with limited computing power and battery. Anything battery-powered and low-cost will simply not have the processing capability to run a blockchain-based infrastructure. However, that does not mean the potential isn’t there. Let’s assume for a moment that the Bitcoin’ POW mechanism power issue could be circumvented and consider what blockchain could offer to an embedded system. It enables a verified, immutable record of actions across… Continue reading