6 sunny places to visit during the winter

If you don’t like the cold the winter brings, it’s a good idea to escape your country and visit a place where it’s never cold. In this blog, we’ll write about five sunny places that you can visit during the winter, which will guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

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1. Havana – Cuba

Do you want your vacation to exist in the sun and sun-related activities? Havana in Cuba is the place to go. Grab yourself a cocktail or a fresh coconut, and go to the beach! You’re guaranteed nice weather in Havana, so you don’t have to worry about bad weather. The coldest month in Cuba in January, with an average of 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit).

2. Kauai – Hawaii

If you like to go a little more adventurous, Kauai is the perfect place for you. This place offers you the same beach experience as Havana and offers you a lot of beautiful nature that you could explore. Examples of this are the waterfall trails that show you some of the most beautiful waterfalls you’ll ever see. If you’re not adventurous at all, Kauai also has a lot to offer for you. This island has some of the best wellness retreats in the world.

3. Marrakech – Morocco

If you’re OK with a temperature that’s a little lower (22 degrees Celsius), Marrakech in Morocco is the perfect city for you. Here, you can dive into a culture you’re unfamiliar with, as Marrakech offers many traditional Moroccan activities. The city has a colorful city center, with the Souk Senmarine as the absolute highlight. Good luck not getting lost at this giant market!

4. Sydney – Australia

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities globally, as it offers pretty much everything one could ask for. You can visit the beach, but you can also do cultural exploring by visiting the Sydney Opera House. Are you a bit of a daredevil? Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and get the best possible view of the city.

5. Arizona – United States of America

If you are a true hiker, Arizona in the USA is the perfect place for you to visit. Its main attraction is the Grand Canyon, one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. The Grand Canyon is a place everyone has to see at least once in their lifetime, as it’s nothing like anything you will ever see again.

6. Sun City – South Africa

If you want an all-inclusive vacation, Sun City in South Africa is the perfect place for you. This resort consists of four different hotels that all have different themes. Sun City offers a lot of fun sporting possibilities, such as swimming and golf, but is also home to one of the best casino resorts in the world. Get lucky at one of the casino tables!

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