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Why Risk Your Freedom With a Public Defender?

Many good lawyers work as public defenders. They have a lot of trial experience; they file a lot of motions, and they usually aren’t lawyers who just graduated from law school and passed the bar. When I have had questions on tough criminal defense issues, the main person I turned to for answers is a public defender who has handled thousands of cases. While public defenders have a lot of good qualities, I would not recommend going with a one represents you on a criminal charge. There are several reasons for my recommendation, and some of the reasons might not be what you are expecting. I have heard clients and potential clients of mine bitterly complain about how their public defender didn’t keep them informed about what is going on in their case. A defendant should always be kept up to date as to what is going on in their case. It’s the defendant’s freedom that is on the line. There is no excuse for not keeping a client informed about their criminal case. How can a defendant make a… Continue reading

3 Top Benefits of Fitted Table Covers for Your Business Event

Quality table covers for your upcoming business event or trade show can make or break your branding efforts. A fabric with the right color, size, and convenience factor will ensure the success of your event. Whether you want to display your products or like to organize a grand buffet lunch for your corporate guests, an aptly fitting tablecloth will offer an overall enhanced and convenient experience for your guests. According to an article published on Forbes.com, you participate in a business event, trade show, or conference to meet the needs of your audience or the industry. Here are three top rewards of fitted tablecloths for your grand corporate event: Continue reading

5 Great Low-cost Hobbies Will Excite You

Everyone needs to have some hobbies that keep them happy always. Generally, hobbies have the ability to ignite your creativity, improve your mood, and excite you to stay productive. One question that you may want to ask yourself right now is whether you have hobbies that also excite you. If you don’t, then you need to find some. There are several hobbies that you can choose, although some can be expensive. We know a lot of people will like the low-cost ones, so we have made a list of five low-cost hobbies that are great for everyone. Here they are: Continue reading

Dealing With PTSD as A Veteran

It’s unfortunate how many soldiers come back home, only to be haunted by the events that went on in the battlefield. They struggle to process some events of what happened, which can make it very challenging for them to live a healthy life. If you always feel like you’re on the edge of a breakdown, emotionally numb, disconnected, or scared, then you most likely suffer from PTSD. While it can be a long and hard journey to get back to normal, these three ways can help you start. Continue reading

Content Is The Primary Element That Will Gain More Instagram Likes

Content is everything in social media, especially Instagram when you use it for your business marketing purposes. Instagram is the largest professional network in social and business advertising, being second to Facebook in popularity. The platform has the potential to: Grow and generate more business Create better and more effective social campaigns Generate leads and conversion Drive more organic website traffic and Build better brand awareness. With more than a billion active monthly users on this platform every month, the complicated task of reaching out to more and more target audiences is made easy and with higher results and returns. It benefits both the business as well as the consumers in making decisions. Continue reading

Top Tips to Ensure Successful Sports Betting

“Everything seemed to be going right. On three separate occasions horses on which I’d invested a sizeable amount won by lengths instead of sitting down to rest in the middle of the race, as horses usually do when I’ve got money on them.” –  P.G. Wodehouse, The Inimitable Jeeves Are you interested in embarking on a successful sports betting journey? If so, it is essential to understand the art and science, or the mathematics behind placing successful wagers. Continue reading