How To Safely Download Files Online: Top Tips From Experts

Downloading anything from the internet can be risky. You might not think it is because you are simply getting a file; what is so dangerous about it!


Especially when you are downloading something over the internet for free, which is, by the way, not wrong, you have to be a little careful with what you download where you click.

Nowadays, we can get so much content online it is shocking! The choices are endless, from the latest movies to television series, ebooks, documents, whitepapers, webinars, and games.

Click and start downloading all the content you have been so eagerly waiting for.

Why Need We To Practise Safe Download

There are many reasons why we should practice safe downloading. However, the biggest reason would be to protect our actual device from all the malware activities that can be infecting it.

When such high content is free, viewers get very excited and start downloading things blindly. This is like a ring of fire for all the malware activities for hackers. These are some ways you can download your files online with safety.

1. Always Use A VPN

Always use VPN! We cannot stress this matter enough. These sites that offer free content generally do not make any money, as it would be quite illegal. Their only revenue is advertisements, and some of these advertisements are a hub for viruses.

Hackers enter the devices with the help of your IP address. So, hiding this IP address is the first thing that you have to do. It would be best to buy a good VPN service as an investment and use it.

2. Install Antivirus

Sometimes, even after all the precautions, something still manages to enter your device. At times like this, if you have an updated antivirus in your device, it can easily detect the foreign element and do everything to get it out.

Having a good antivirus is important whenever you are putting anything external in your device, not just downloaded files.

3. Download From Credible Sites

Getting free content over the internet is nothing illegal. On the contrary, it is how global digital freedom wants it to be, so you don’t have to visit that one shady site to get all the shows and software.

One of the well-known legal services to download everything you wish to is Pirate Bay. So, set your Christmas movie list with credible sources this year.

4. Scan Before Downloading

You can scan the IP address before downloading, and this is an excellent way to find whether the file you are downloading will be affecting your device.

If you have installed an antivirus on your device, you can quickly scan the IP address. These are some crucial steps one should follow before inviting a downloaded file to the device.

5. Avoid File Extensions

File extension, if not credible, can be highly dangerous. This is because you are not only downloading something, but you are letting that device stay in your windows. These can give rise to many malware activities if not careful.

We are not saying that all extensions should be avoided, but the ones with .exe and .scr have got a bad reputation in the internet realm. A good solution would be to scan the URL for this extension and then download them.

6. Do Not Click On Pop-ups

When you are venturing through these websites, there is every possibility for getting pop-ups. Your job is to avoid them at any cost. If you click on them, viruses will start pouring into your device, and it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Whenever you get such a pop-up, carefully click out of it. If that option is not provided, exit from the site, and revisit it a few moments later.

7. Backup! Backup! Backup


This could be the last point, but it is more important than any other point. We are always trying to protect our devices by being cautious, but a virus can still infect them after so much precaution.

When a disaster strikes, you have to prepare for the next part. The same goes for being a victim of malware activity. Therefore, make sure to always back up your file, either on a hard disk or cloud.

Final Note

Downloading materials over the internet allows external content into your personal device, which is why it is all the riskier. Being careful is the first piece of advice you will get from anyone when it comes to having a safe download.

Happy Surfing!

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