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Private Messenger: How To Find, Where To Look

Many messengers are centralized which means there is some main server that keeps everything you send stored. Furthermore, this stored data can be used by third parties. In case the messenger does not provide encryption, the content of messages can be easily revealed. Being the only master of your life, you can keep at least some part of your lives to yourself by using a private messenger. And these are the options you have. Continue reading

5 Tips to Protect Your Home Wireless Network from Hackers

With 4.3 internet-enabled devices per person in use nationwide, it’s more important than ever to protect your home network from hackers – especially since many connected devices lack the robust anti-malware protection used on tablets, laptops, and smartphones. But you don’t have the advantage of an IT support staff to call on when it’s your home network or personal devices at risk. And with cyber attacks getting more sophisticated, it’s no longer enough to simply install an antivirus program on each separate device and call it a day. No, your home network security has to get more sophisticated to keep up with advances in cybercrime strategies and techniques. You need a secure gateway and network that hackers can’t get into – or at least one that will prove so challenging to hack that they’ll give up and look elsewhere for easier pickings. You also need to be careful when you use the internet, so you don’t fall prey to common social engineering scams. Hackers are targeting those who are most vulnerable which are the innocent children and not tech-savvy elderly… Continue reading

Essential Measures for Enterprises to Ensure Security and Privacy

At a cybersecurity forum held recently in New York, one of the major topics of discussion was the increasing number of issues related to data privacy and protection. As companies are now finding data as their most valuable asset, which could be now easily left through a pen drive in an employee’s pocket or could be shared through any social media sites. Addressing comes under the matter of trade property laws and considered to be a white-collar crime. In this article, we are trying to discuss some protective ways through which organizations can try to protect their data and ensure adequate security measures to immediately respond and prevent any intentional or unintentional leakage of confidential info. Continue reading

SEO Tips for a Search Engine Friendly Web Design

Search engine friendly web design is a method of developing and designing the website so that it becomes search-engine friendly. Developing an SEO friendly website means the search engine will be able to crawl every page available on your website efficiently, also interpret the content adequately, and index in their database. When the website is indexed, they are able to serve the most appropriate and helpful web pages to their users on the basis of the topic they are searching for. According to SEO for dummies, if the SEO strategies are better and the more you focus on designing a search engine friendly website there are more chances of ranking on the top page of the search results. Continue reading

Building A Loyal Social Audience Will Enhance Website Traffic

It is not easy to build a loyal audience, even if you have fantastic content that attracts lots of viewers. The most challenging part is to sustain these visitors and convert them into your loyal audience. According to experts, though the content is at the core of social marketing, growth is undoubtedly not a hack. However, they have detailed a few proven strategies that may help you build a loyal audience most successfully and effectively. According to a digital marketing agency in Phoenix, these steps will ensure that your audience is growing as desired and in the right way. Continue reading