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The Security Implications Of IoT Devices

Internet of Things is all those things that are designed and innovated to make our lives easier. The trend for the Internet of Things is increasingly becoming popular. These devices are making our lives easier, systematic, and fast. It is impossible to escape from the world of technology. IoT has become part of our everyday lives.


The technology has benefited its consumer by providing comfort, convenience, security, efficiency, predictability, and many social benefits. There are many benefits of using smart devices and the latest technology.

But the dark side of using advanced technological devices is not unknown to us. These devices that we are welcoming into our lives are prone to many cyber attacks. They can easily evade the privacy of the user and steal critical information. As more and more people have made use of these devices as a part of their lifestyle. They have also started looking for safety and security systems for handling their security and privacy issues. They have started taking measures such as strong and unique passwords, two-factor authentication, downloading and installing VPN to their systems. Users can easily ensure data security over a public network by a simple VPN download.

Let us first discuss what has lead to security issues while using IoT devices.

1.   Storage of information

The extensive data gets gathered over the internet. The IT software uses Artificial Intelligence to trace and save the data shared over such devices. The wide use of the internet leaves so much data exposed that could be easily hacked by third parties. The AI technology traces the data and can easily predict the behavior of the user.

2.  Tracking of audio and images

We neglect how much of our details get easily shared over the smart devices. Devices such as Alexa, Siri can trace the voice and sound, webcams collect all the videos, and many other personal details. These saved and stored data remain permanent in the record. Hackers can access the data from the device easily.

3.   Easy to crack security

Whenever users login to smart devices, they get connected to all the accounts. The security permissions, rules, and regulations are easy to crack. It benefits the hackers to access the main accounts quickly. The permission access is the actual target trick to hack the complete system of the user.

Here are some of the pro tips that will help the user in securing their IoT devices and network.

1.   Use a VPN

A VPN will help the user in securing their data over a public network. It can change and hide the location of the IP address of the user. It prevents unwanted snooping of their internet activity

2.  Do not connect all the Devices

Always remember that you do not connect your smart devices to any other network or public network. The network that is used to connect such devices makes it easy for hackers to crack the data stored over there.

3.   Set strong passwords

In case someone hacks the IoT devices, then a strong password will secure the open and shared accounts. Usually, users link all the accounts with the same password. Therefore, set a unique and different password for all the accounts.

4.   Update Your Devices

The updated versions come with new security features. The hackers create the key to crack the old versions in some time. Therefore, keep your devices updated with the latest version of the software.

5.   Use anti-software

One can secure devices with anti-malware programs. It keeps a watch over the malicious activities happening over the internet. It saves the complete system from malicious attacks.


In today’s life, it is impossible to live without IoT devices. Almost all the devices have a network connectivity feature availability. It has created the attention of cyber attackers towards the easy hacking and stealing of the data of the vast population using the internet. They sell the data collected to third parties, and it can lead to many other dangerous consequences. Protect your data through the cyber-security practices as mentioned above. It will help you safely and securely proceed with the use of IoT technology.

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