14 Big Data Cloud Computing Companies To Know

Big data refers to retrieving a good amount of difficult data from different sources and analyzing them to find the exact matters, problems, and solutions for the clients.

cloud computing

Regardless of the size of the companies, data is an important aspect. But it is too huge to get handled with limited resources and human resources. Here is where the exact cloud solutions offered by trustworthy companies enter to help.

For the last decade, we have seen rapid trend increases in the number of parties who offer appropriate and accurate business and corporate solutions—one of the most renowned.

Companies are the ERBIS software engineering company. While some parties out there can tackle the matters, the ERBIS app engineering service has gone for some extra miles.

However, we will not only talk about this incredible company. We will share with you the compelling list of 14 big data cloud computing companies that you can check by yourself, starting from ERBIS software company.


ERBIS has been around for years. This group consists of senior software engineers and experienced full-stack developers. They offer affordable and quick custom software development that focuses on the ideas of clients. Their responsibility is to actualize their client’s ideas to the max results.

With years of experience, great resources, and an ample set of skills, they are confidently providing quick, affordable, and quality cloud solutions for their clients. In particular niches and corridors, they are relevant, offering outcomes such as cloud migration, database service, data warehousing, data science, and machine learning. Of course, they also provide IT Consulting for their clients.


FIVETRAN offers automatic data solutions from the sources to the destination in the cloud environment. They come up with great technology and solutions for more effective and efficient data analysis and process performance. If your focus is to automate and manage integrations of the project, this company can help you out from scratch.


The TAMR offers relevant services and data unification for giant enterprises such as GSK and Toyota. Not only that because they have the good blueprints of several projects, but
Also, have the accommodating resources and experts to provide great solutions. As a result, they can spend less time preparing and processing all the projects from their clients.


Blueprint Technologies harnesses the sophisticated tools and comprehensive technology to provide the relevant services and solutions to their diverse clients. But their focus is on the niche of data analytic and science. For those who have raw data to handle, Blueprint Technologies is ready to help you anytime.


MongoDB is the name of a solution platform that allows its clients to deploy the cloud computing system in no time.

The group itself is named the same as the database ecosystem they offer. This service offers a wide array of solutions, including big data, cloud migration service, cloud platform, and so on


DataHero is a cloud-based software platform that offers development and analysis standards without on-premises glitches. For those who want to migrate their IT infrastructure and brick and mortar infrastructure to the cloud, DataHero can be one of your top choices to consider.

Besides, they also give the clients in-depth analysis and insights into their cloud product performance.


cloud platform

It is a relevant platform that attains data from hundreds of sources such as websites, mobile apps, and other sources. The solution’s main aim is to put the big data in one location to provide the clients with better insights into the data. The big data cloud solutions are diverse and prevalent for enterprises in different scales and categories.


In the big data cloud solutions, we cannot neglect the data breach risks and other security issues. BIGID is amongst the best companies that offer authentic solutions to fight against data breaches. The sophisticated tools that they provide can provenly secure and manage your company’s data privacy.


This company offers a great quality of P2P solutions for big data and analytics. The company’s technology can assess the different divisions in your company to work together to find the best solutions in the data.


Civis Analytics is recognized by the world because of its achievement in providing cloud-based cloud solutions for President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. Back then, it was founded by Dan Wagner, an incredible man who served as the chief analytics officer on the particular campaign. Now, CIVIS company is working with 500 companies and some non – profit ventures.


TRENDKITE is also one of the best companies to provide data solutions. Their focus is to produce the data and analytics solutions that the PRo teams can use to assess the work’s result. TRENDKITE offers a fantastic ROI through accurate PR metrics.


TABLEAU offers great quality cloud solutions to help users understand their processed data through great visualization and analysis. Report and analysis are visible through the compatible devices of your choice. Their interactive dashboards are top-notch.


SPINS is situated in Chicago, Illinois. However, the company provides process cloud solutions to help the enterprises in the health and wellness food industry who work in food and wellness niches. . They have years of experience working with the sellers and distributors in such relevant industries. Its notable work is Vengo’s automatic vending machine technology.


IGNEOUS SYSTEMS has been known for a long time to handle big data and the cloud. The group has the platform in the form of Data – Management – a – Service for the variables security, feasibility, and mobility. The company offers comprehensive services and cloud solutions concerning the cloud computing system and software.

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