Is There Anything You Can Do To Speed Up Your Internet at Home?

There are many ways you can improve your internet speed at home, but some of these trusted methods work better than others. Before you call in the professionals and spend money you haven’t, you may want to try one or more of these proven ways to get faster internet access and operability.

Lan cable

Simple things, to begin with, include moving your router, using an ethernet cable, and changing the channel or band can help. You can also invest in a new router, get a Wi-Fi booster, upgrade the device you use to surf the internet, or pay for faster internet with your internet service provider if you can afford it.

Best free ways to try and speed up your internet

Before spending lots of money on improving your internet speed at home, you may want to start by trying out some free methods that have proven to work for some people. To begin with, you may want to move your router somewhere new. If it’s currently stored in the attic or basement, or if it’s miles away from your actual device, you could try moving it closer or remove objects that may be in the way to help with the signal strength.

You can also try switching your router off and then switching it on again. Occasionally, this simple technique will work. You can also try unplugging it, waiting around 20 or 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in. This little reset may even do the trick. If your router has antennas, you could even try repositioning them.

Another free method would be to clear your web browser history and cache. Vital software and programs may also need to be updated, so you could also check to see what needs updating. There’s nothing worse than playing your favorite real time strategy games or watching your favorite Netflix shows only for these to buffer or lag. You may need to spend some money if all else fails for a guaranteed fix.

How much would I have to spend?

The amount you would need to spend to fix your internet speed issues will vary greatly, depending on your problem. For example, your router may be outdated, so you would have to invest in an entirely new router. This can set you back anywhere from $50 to $100. Your PC or desktop may also be a much older model, so you may need to invest in a brand-new computer (or a brand new smartphone or tablet device).

You could be looking at anywhere from around $150 to $300 up to around $800 or more, depending on what kind of new device you’re looking for. You can purchase desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets online or at your local electronics store. The company you buy from may also be able to help you with a payment plan where you can spend X amount of cash per month to ensure that you don’t leave yourself out of pocket.

Other methods that can help

You may also want to try using an Ethernet cable, which should instantly give you much better speeds than Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you can contact your internet service provider and see what better plans they may have available. If you’re currently on the lowest valued plan, but this isn’t working for you anymore, you may want to upgrade to an even better one that provides faster internet speeds. You may even need to change internet providers, which is easily done.

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