Why are Internet Speeds so Slow in Australia?

Look, the United States has constantly been at war with our internet service providers. From repealing net neutrality to continually finding ways to be unreliable, our ISPs seem to have it out for us. And don’t even mention the high prices of our Internet plans! However, it’s Australia that has it the worst when it comes to their ISPs. I had an online friend who lived in Australia, and one day, while playing a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match, his ping was consistently hitting 200-300. This isn’t strange when playing on a server from another country, but he mentioned that this was normal for him. My curiosity got the best of me, so I asked him the Internet speeds that he had paid for. It was 4Mbps. According to him, he had the fastest Internet in his town, .4Mbps. You hear about Australia having terrible Internet all the time, but why? What separates Australia from every other country that gets the short end of the digital stick?

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6 Reasons Why Players Love Roblox

If you are wondering why and how someone can love a pixel graphics online game, or how someone can even spend so many hours online on a game like this, then this article is for you. There are players out there who spend more than 15 hours a day just by playing Roblox. For us, this was a mystery, but we were curious enough to ask ourselves why there is so much hype about this game and what can drive people into a gaming spree like that. We managed to collect a list of 6 reasons why this game is so popular and why so many people love to play it. 1. Customize your own game There is a unique concept about this game. Anyone can develop or create his own minigame and make it available for everyone. There are a lot of games made by individual players on Roblox. With this approach, they managed to create the most diverse game out there. You will never get bored and won’t ever find yourself bored or stuck in just one simple…

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3 Ways You Can Protect Your Company

Protecting your company is paramount. Without protection, you could lose everything you have worked so hard for over the years, and if that happens, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble – you might also not have the heart to start all over again. It would help if you were protected as much as possible, and here are some ways it can be done. Be Aware Of Cyber Attacks Perhaps one of the most significant issues for businesses today is the problem of potential cyber attacks. In the past, this wasn’t something anyone needed to worry about – it was real criminals, not virtual ones, that was the problem. Today, though, with all the new technologies at our fingertips and that we use for our business daily, cybercriminals are a real problem. To prevent any kind of attack from this direction, you can use various products, many of which you can buy from Sonicwall UK. They include: You can also train your staff to ensure they understand the dangers that might be presented to them and how they…

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4 myths that are completely wrong about cloud computing

Unless you happen to have been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve probably heard the news about cloud computing. In short, it’s big news – and it’s news that’s only getting bigger. Investment in companies providing such services is soaring, and this just correlates with the sheer number of companies that are tapping into cloud systems such as C5 Capital, created by security expert Andre Pienaar. However, just because these systems are continually filling up newspaper and magazine columns, it doesn’t mean to say that everything you read about them is accurate. There can be some misinformation doing the rounds when it comes to cloud computing, and through today’s post, we will investigate some of the biggest misconceptions.

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Everything Online Stores Need to Know About Packaging

packaging goods

Operating online means you don’t have to worry about things like rent, utilities, or your location. You can manage your business on the side entirely from home. The cost-saving opportunities here are huge, but making sales can prove to be difficult in the long run. Physical stores can create an experience that online stores simply cannot yet compete with. Your customers won’t be able to hold your product or touch the material or even see how that one shirt looks on them. Online purchasing may be on the rise, but to truly succeed you need to figure out how you can stand out every step of the way. It is not a surprise that online stores have become one of the inseparable parts of our lives in the 21st century. During the lockdown, the business that did good eCommerce did not suffer much. In addition, there are a number of platforms that enable you to show your products. One of the examples is Etsy shop which gives you a great opportunity to sell your products easily and to increase your sales. It…

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How to Set Up Your Local Business Website

website setup

As a local business, you might have decided long ago that you’ll never require a website to keep your customers engaged and your profits reliably rolling in. It’s true that if your company has little ambition to conquer global marketplaces, a website is less integral to your business model. But that’s not to say that a website isn’t important and useful for smaller and more localized businesses across the UK. In fact, it’s a great place to build support and intrigue in your products and relationships with your customers – and so this article aims to show you how to set up a website with ease this summer. Decide on Domain Name Your domain name is the unique URL web users have to type into their search bars to find your distinct website. It’ll be a variation on your business’ name – as some names are already taken, you may have to experiment with those variations that aren’t currently in use. You can start finding a web host with a domain selected if you haven’t established your company. It is…

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