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3 Ways You Can Protect Your Company

Protecting your company is paramount. Without protection, you could lose everything you have worked so hard for over the years, and if that happens, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble – you might also not have the heart to start all over again. It’s crucial that you are protected as much as possible, and here are some ways it can be done.

Be Aware Of Cyber Attacks

Perhaps one of the most significant issues for businesses today is the problem of potential cyber attacks. In the past, this wasn’t something that anyone needed to worry about – it was real criminals, not virtual ones, that was the problem. Today, though, with all the new technologies that are at our fingertips, and that we use for our business daily, cybercriminals are a very real problem.

To prevent any kind of attack from this direction, you can use a variety of different products, many of which you can buy from Sonicwall UK. They include:

  • Installing a firewall
  • Adding spam filters
  • Installing antivirus software, which can be used by customers who have a firewall appliance in place.
Cyber security

You can also train your staff to ensure that they understand the dangers that might be presented to them and how they can stay away from them.

Strong Passwords

Think of all the times you need to use passwords in your day to day life – it’s probably a lot. When it comes to your businesses, the same will be valid. So, you need to make your passwords secure and difficult (ideally impossible) to guess. Otherwise, you are inviting problems for yourself and your business.

A strong password should include both letters and numbers, and if you can, you should also contain special characters that will make it even harder to hack into. Plus, you should use a different password for every login you need. This sounds like hard work, but imagine if someone were to guess your password and you used it for everything – you could lose it all.

Another tip is to change your password every six months to confuse would-be cybercriminals. This way, even if someone is close to working out what your password is, they won’t be able to use it (or use it for long), if you keep changing it.


Protecting the building in which you work is also essential. If you only concentrate on the online space, you could leave yourself open to all kinds of vulnerabilities in the real world. Your computing equipment, sensitive information, and any money or other assets such as vehicles that you have in or near your business building, could all be stolen. One way to combat this threat is to install CCTV. This could be connected to your smartphone, so as soon as any movement is sensed, you will be alerted to it. This can stop issues before they even begin, and will save your business. CCTV is a great deterrent too; if you have it, it will be much less likely that someone will try to steal from you.

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