IoT Healthcare Software Development: Custom-Made vs. Off-The-Shelf

IoT and AI technologies are revolutionizing healthcare. Now, we have devices that can monitor a patient’s vitals, analyze the data, and send it to a healthcare professional for further diagnosis. A good example of this is the use of continuous glucose monitors in elite sports to improve performance and athleticism.


But when it comes to leveraging the power of IoT healthcare apps, the big question is whether to get off-the-shelf solutions or build a custom app. Both options have their share fair of pros and cons.

Below, we look at why custom IoT healthcare software development services offer more value in the long run.

Lightweight and Efficient Apps

Off-the-shelf IoT healthcare apps come with too many features, some of which you may not want. The app is bulky, and in some cases, contains bloatware, risk performance, and data security. IoT healthcare software development services from Empeek allow you to build efficient products with core features.

The end product is a lightweight app with top-notch efficiency. Additional services and features can be included on a need-based basis. You don’t have to worry about data leaks due to third-party apps accessing your patients’ data or information.

Seamless Integration

Modern healthcare facilities rely on a complex system that includes record management apps and other telehealth solutions. Smooth integration is crucial for service delivery and efficiency. Some off-the-shelf IoT healthcare solutions may not integrate with existing systems.

However, getting an IoT healthcare software developer to build a custom solution can negate this issue. The custom app will integrate seamlessly with other devices and systems in your network, creating a powerful and more efficient platform.

Better Security and Regulatory Compliance

Patient data and information are sensitive. One thing you don’t want is a breach of data integrity. Despite the data getting into the wrong hands, you will face massive lawsuits. Some off-the-shelf solutions come with quality security features to protect data and information.

However, some healthcare IoT solutions have been exposed for having backdoor access and failure to comply with HIPAA laws. Building a custom solution using a qualified IoT healthcare software development means you can eliminate most of these issues by prioritizing robust security measures from the ground up.

More Cost-Effective Overall  

Off-the-shelf IoT apps can be cheap to purchase. However, you may have to pay extra to get updates and security patches on the app. Also, you don’t own the source code, so your IT team cannot customize any features available on the app.

Finding a qualified IoT healthcare software development team takes time and money. But, as your healthcare organization grows and technology evolves, your needs will too. Custom development allows you to scale your solution to accommodate future requirements and integrate new devices and technologies.

Bottom Line

In an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape, innovation is crucial. Even though purchasing a ready-made solution looks good on paper, building a tailor-made solution offers more benefits. Your goal is to find a qualified IoT healthcare software development team to develop a custom-made solution for your healthcare business. 

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