Aedes vittatus: The Mosquito Everyone Should Fear

You can name the most feared animal on the planet. To boot, you can name the most venomous snakes, from King Cobras to Black Mambas, but these animals cannot dare compare to the damage done by one speck of an insect: the mosquito. Timothy Winegard, a Canadian historian, sets the record straight in his piece, The Mosquito: A Human History of Our Deadliest Predator. In America, we hardly notice this flying pest. But we may have to now, especially now that a new breed has been found in American soil, the Aedes vittatus. As a whole, about 108 human beings have walked the Earth since the very first man came to be. That’s how demographers estimate it. That number is certainly a lot. But the same experts agree about half of that, or 52 billion humans, have perished due to mosquito-borne diseases. Indeed, CDC has branded the mosquito as the world’s deadliest animal, killing over a million people worldwide every year. Don’t think for a minute that mosquitoes are a problem; you can easily swat. It’s far more sinister than that.  Continue reading

Can Lighting Improve Healthcare? Recent LED Lighting Findings

UV lighting is gaining popularity in several industries. Some of the applications are in vertical farming, smart buildings, and healthcare. You may ask why you need lighting in healthcare. For example, can lighting improve healthcare? The most straightforward answer is yes. The UV lights can purify air and water. For this reason, you can apply it to disinfect pathogens in various industries, apart from hospitals.   Read this article and find out how UV lights make your healthcare better. You will know where and quantity of the lights to use for it to be effective. Lastly, the article explains why you need UV lights for healthcare more than lighting sources. Let’s get started. Continue reading

6 Ways to Avoid Computer Eye Strain and Achieve Good Eye Health

Technological advance has made it almost impossible for people to avoid being on their screens, whether computers or phones. Besides, with the modern working environment, it is the computers nowadays recommended for increased productivity. As a result, most people spend most of their day staring at screens when at work and when they get home, turn to television viewing as a form of entertainment. It is no wonder most people, especially office workers, complain of eye health issues such as eye strain. However, people fail to understand that the condition results from excessive screen time since your eyes are forced to work harder than usual. As a result, people complaining of eye strain issues will always experience several symptoms, including eye discomfort, dry and irritated eyes. However, all is not lost since there are many ways to achieve good eye health. Below are some of these ways. Continue reading

Communication with Hearing Impaired: Dos and Don’ts

Hearing impairment is one of the alarming conditions in today’s century. It snatches away a person’s ability to hear. Therefore, the person faces tremendous challenges to take part in social situations actively. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 422 million people worldwide face hearing difficulties. What’s more, the number is only increasing day by day. The problem gets worse with the increase in age. Therefore the retired citizens who are already pretty detached from social activities face the bulk of the problem. This article will discuss various challenges deaf or hard of hearing face and communicate with them effectively. Continue reading

The relationship between anxiety and sleeping habits

Anxiety has become very common for most of us. Since it is widespread, some cannot identify if the anxiety or sleeping habits cause sleeplessness. Drugs for anxiety and insomnia are available online these days, helping people become more complacent in acquiring. In OneHealthScore, you can buy these in a click, even without thinking about it thoroughly. Even though taking Ambien to sleep can help sometimes, the misconception should be put right. This article will help you identify which is which. Severe sleep disturbances and a sleep disorder have long been recognized as typical symptoms of hysteria disorders. People that are troubled with worry typically ruminate regarding their considerations in bed, and this anxiety in the dark will keep them from falling asleep. Continue reading

Red Light Therapy and Fat Cells: The Relationship

Numerous individuals battle with keeping up the critical sound way of life to lose fat regarding weight loss. Others figure out how to get in shape; however, they battle with difficult fat areas that stay regardless of their diet and exercise. In these cases, numerous patients go-to weight loss pills or medical procedures to achieve the ideal fat loss. Lamentably, these techniques accompany wellbeing dangers and results. Red light therapy, otherwise called photobiomodulation, gives a protected, non-obtrusive choice to address undesirable fat. Continue reading