3 Tips For Staying Safe When Doing Home Improvement Projects

While doing your own home improvement projects is a great way to save yourself some money as opposed to hiring someone to take care of this work for you, you’re also taking the chance that you could either mess up the work or injure yourself doing your project. If you mess up the work, you can always bring in some professional help to fix the problem. But if you get hurt, you will have to pay for your medical bills, take time off work to recover, and potentially deal with other physical and financial burdens as well.  Knowing this, it’s vital that you take the necessary precautions to keep yourself from getting hurt when working in your home. To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for staying safe when doing home improvement projects.  Continue reading

3 Tips For Preparing Yourself For Your First Court Appearance

If you’re going to be appearing in court soon, be it as someone who’s facing charges, who’s going to be collecting on a judgement, or simply as a witness, there are a few things you’re going to want to know before you make this first appearance. To help you in getting ready for this, here are three tips for preparing yourself for your first court appearance.  Continue reading

SOC 2 compliance: Everything your organization needs to know

Businesses nowadays handle huge volumes of data. A lot of this data is customer information. From credit card details to addresses and phone numbers, businesses use and store a lot of customer information. It is no surprise then that businesses and users are equally worried about the safety of their data. Why is it important to store data securely? What happens if data is leaked? Improperly stored data could leave an organization vulnerable to cyberattacks. Such attacks not only have financial repercussions but can also harm a company’s reputation. SOC 2 ensures that your service providers manage and store your data securely. It ensures that organizational practices and controls are effectively implemented to ensure the security and privacy of customer data. Continue reading

8 Ways That You Can Use A Smartphone

The average adult spends over three hours a day on smartphones. For the first time in history, people spend more time on their smartphones than watching television. Most of this time is spent exploring different apps. That’s why many users feel that these devices are taking over their lives. However, instant access to emails or the ability to call anyone at any time is not a bad thing. In fact, there are many other useful ways in which people can use their smartphones. Here are eight surprising ways people can use their smartphones to become more efficient at their lives – Continue reading

Working In Canada: Here’s What You Need to Know

Canada is a beautiful country filled with many exciting job opportunities. Not only is the quality of life here excellent, but many Canadian workplaces also offer fair salaries in exchange for hardworking candidates. So, if you are a hardworking individual looking for an exciting career opportunity, Canada could be the ideal destination for you. Whether you are looking to immigrate to Canada or already live here and need to find a new job, this article is here to help. Continue reading

What is Undervoltage – A Guide

Undervoltage can be loosely defined as when a voltage (mostly in 3-phase power systems) is way below the recommended/intended levels. These systems have an Undervoltage relay that prevents the circuit-breaker from closing; hence the motor, for example, won’t start. The relay thus protects the motor from possible damage if/when voltage is lost or reduced drastically. Is Undervoltage Bad for Electronics? While it might seem harmless at first, Undervoltage is quite harmful to electronic components and the motor as well. Although the motor might be able to start, it won’t work as efficiently and effectively as it is designed (due to altered voltage pulses), causing increased wear and tear. In other words, Undervoltage could have a severe impact on your electronics’ lifespan. Why Is It Referred to As a Brownout? Brownout is the term used to describe the dimming of lights when there’s a voltage drop. Voltage may sag due to a disruption in the electrical grid and could also be imposed to reduce the risk of a total blackout. Brownouts may also be affected to reduce the load on the… Continue reading