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8 Programming Skills worth Learning

Software programming is one of the most rapidly growing industries that you can enter. The greatest part of this job is career advancement opportunities with more experience you get. To gain that experience, you should prioritize learning new skills that will add value to your resume. 


However, since computer programming is an incredibly developing field, what skills will help you survive all the change that is going on, and the developments yet to come? Here are 8 programming skills that will most likely survive any upcoming change in the IT industry:


The use of JavaScript in the development of websites is the least likely to stop as it’s been the most widely used programming language for the past seven years.

What makes JavaScript valuable is that it’s versatile:

  • It can be used to work on the frontend of a web project as it’s great for creating interactive UI’s by adding pop-ups, photo slides, and site navigation menus.
  • Through Node.js, JavaScript is also a great skill to learn if you want to have control over the backend as it is good for fast, lightweight applications.


Python is one of the most adaptive languages that are easy to master. Some of the applications of Python include:

  • Developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms applicable in a variety of industries.
  • Creating natural language processing applications to help accelerate the growth of the Internet of Things

By mastering the skill of creating such futuristic tech using Python, you will have a very stable career. Above that, you will be fortunate to have a direct hand in the 4th industrial revolution by creating useful algorithms that can shape the future. Also, programming these days is a well-paid skill, so knowing how to regex at minimum helps a lot at work, which ultimately helps in boosting career growth.


Java is another big-ticket skill that you should work towards mastering because it is evergreen. With Java skills, you can develop a wide variety of applications working both on mobile devices and even desktop computers. In addition, you can also develop powerful and entertaining video games with this programming language. 

If you’re more creative and would like to design games, this is definitely the skill you should be pursuing. In addition, there are Big Data applications that can be developed with Java, which provides better job security.


One of the most powerful skills you can possess in computer programming is the ability to develop databases, operating systems, cloud technology, and other advanced applications. C++ is one of the few programming languages that equip you with these skills.

C++ has been used to create very powerful computer programs ranging from banking apps to mobile operating systems. Learning this language can unlock a lot of potential in the software engineering field. You can even learn skills related to creating games with C++ if you’re into game development.


The 4th industrial revolution is making sectors like e-Commerce grow exponentially. There is a continual rise in creating e-Commerce sites and this industry has yet to see the peak of this trend. By learning PHP, you can be at the core of this development by creating entire e-Commerce platforms. 

You can also do backend server-side scripting to manage databases and monitor activity on the site. PHP is one of the most advanced scripting languages you can learn. Also, its versatility and variety of applicability also offer job security.


Almost similar to Python, Ruby can be used in dynamic applications that are futuristic. This programming skill can be used to develop sensitive applications like data analysis. The focus on lean data requires precise algorithms that can process and analyze all insights that are gathered from different sources. 

To get the perfect results of lean data, Ruby can be used to develop algorithms that scrupulously analyze this information. There are other applications of Ruby, such as prototyping software that can be used in any industry all across the globe.


C has been considered one of the best software development skills that are close to the hardware of IT solutions. Although C has been around for approximately 50 years, it is still very popular because of its practicality. You can solve complex issues pragmatically with this computer programming language. 

Besides, C is also used in the development of operating systems, which is probably because of closeness to the hardware. You can create other embedded software using C, which comes in handy in industries such as robotics.

The bottom line

These 8 programming skills are part of the most common trends in the world and allow you to create futuristic tech for the future. If you would like to get job security in the software development industry, picking any one of these skills to learn is a great place to start. Regardless of your strengths and weaknesses, you can find the perfect skill to learn. If you are creative, game development languages might be better suited, whereas analytical thinkers might be better at AI and ML development.

Author Bio:

James Dorian is a technical copywriter. He is a tech geek who knows a lot about modern apps that will make your work more productive. James reads tons of online blogs on technology, business, and ways to become a real pro in our modern world of innovations.

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