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7 Money-Saving Tips Small Business Owners Should Know

Small business owners need to be more careful about their cash flows today more than ever. The pandemic has permanently closed almost 98,000 businesses throughout America alone. The global repercussions of this pandemic are unbelievable, especially to small businesses.

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Even before this unprecedented crisis, experts estimate that 82 percent of business shut down permanently due to poor cash flow. A business can suffer from insufficient cash flow for many reasons. A business could have fewer customers than ideal. Or it could be spending too much on their operations.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need more than inspiration from the best movies about business. You need to decrease the operation cost of your business. This way you can save these resources for emergencies or use them to bolster other parts of your business.

Here are 7 ways to cut costs and streamline your business’s expenses.

Buy Durable

Don’t be tempted to buy cheap items just because of their price tags. Cheap equipment and material often tend to break easily, meaning you have to buy again. This endless cycle could mean you spend more than if you’d just bought a more expensive but stronger brand.

For example, when you’re running a daycare facility, buy durable classroom storage shelves because children are very active. When you’re operating a printing shop, you don’t want to delay business because the cheap printer you bought keeps jamming. Durable equipment pays for itself in the long run.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is essential in attracting customers to your door, but experts say half of small businesses don’t have a marketing plan. Instead of pouring your money in expensive traditional marketing platforms, such as television or newspaper ads, you should choose digital marketing.

Thanks to techniques involving social media platforms and search engines, you’ll find digital marketing alternatives a great deal more effective and cheaper than traditional techniques.

Find Sponsors

Aside from marketing campaigns, events are also a good way to build a presence and attract customers. However, even simple events can be challenging to finance. Instead of shouldering the costs on your own, look for larger businesses or organizations who are willing to sponsor the event. You should also try to form profitable partnerships with other small businesses to start mutually beneficial events.

Track Expenses

You can’t stop what you don’t know is there. Unless you have a thorough understanding of your business’s expenses, you’ll find it impossible to decrease your losses. Gather every receipt and bill you have and conduct a thorough assessment of what you’re spending your money on. This could show you that you might be overspending on something or paying for redundant services. You’ll also need to have full knowledge of your expenses to come up with a proper budget.


Sometimes you need someone to do certain processes to keep your company going. But hiring a full-time employee to handle such tasks may be too expensive an option. Turn to the gig economy instead and hire a freelancer or outsource the job. There are plenty of processes you can outsource instead, from accounting to human resource management. The key to outsourcing is to find a reliable provider who can offer top-notch services for

Cut Expenses Instead of Employees

When things get tough, you may consider letting employees go to save on money. However, this will lead to a lack of experienced employees. Hiring and training new people can be a lot more expensive than cutting down on costs. You’ll also have a hard time replacing the on-the-job experience your current employees have. You could choose not to provide free lunches or reduce certain non-essential allowances instead of letting an experienced employee go. Or you can present employees with a part-time schedule instead, which will allow them to keep working and reduce your spending.

Always be Negotiating

Never settle for the first price for any service of product if you can bargain and negotiate the terms. If you can buy something for a reduced price, take the opportunity to do so. Do this for even small purchases or deals. A few dollars saved here and there may not seem like much at first, but they add up eventually. Whenever you bargain and reduce costs, you’re freeing up resources you can use somewhere else.

They say you need to spend money to make money, but you don’t have to spend all of your money. Now more than ever, you need to look out for the survival of your small business. Focusing on expenses and ensuring you have enough to get through hard times while still providing excellent products and services will help your business.

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