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How Working from Home Has Benefitted Employees?

2020 has been a very strange time for many and one that it has affected the whole work/life demographic for has been the office workers. Many have been forced to move their office life from the office and to work from home due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. Although this has had pros and cons for many employees, we look at some of the ways in which this has benefitted employees particularly.

work from home

The first benefit from working from home for employees has been that they have been able to be there own boss and be able to work when they want, where they want, as long as they are meeting targets and hitting deadlines set by their line managers. This has ensured that many employees are working in many different such as on their sofa in front of the tv, at their desk or even replying to e-mails from bed – employees have been able to work how they want during the height of the lockdown and working from home.

During the height of the lockdown, many employees who were working from home have had to find alternative methods of entertainment in the evenings when work has come to a close. Many online services like Netflix and online casinos, such as max casinos list sites not blocked by Gamstop have seen a surge in numbers due to the fact there are a 24/7 service that can be enjoyed whilst still social distancing due to be able to enjoy in the comfort of your own homes.

Moreover, due to working from home, employees are now not having to commute to work enabling them to spend more time at work due to the lack of the commute time, and more importantly for them, they are saving money of public transport, petrol costs and general wear and tear on there vehicles. This is of course a benefit due to the monetary savings but also ensures that employees have more time on their hands to complete their work or even squeeze in other tasks.

Finally, due to this added time in the day of an employee, many have been finding themselves focusing more on the fitness and health than ever. Many have been squeezing in an exercise in the morning before work, or even focusing on their diet at lunchtime and being able to learn to be able to cook good food. Health and fitness is a key factor when it comes to mental health, and therefore this has been a good time for employees.

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