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5 Ways to Protect Your Business Online

It’s important to always protect your business, and in a digital age where the majority of activity is performed online, it’s even more important to be aware of how to protect your business within the cyber world.

Protect Your Business Online

Protect Your Business Network

Unfortunately, hackers and viruses will always exist, and all you can do is take the relevant measures to protect your network and system against them. It’s important to get into a routine of installing and updating spyware, as well as ensuring the latest security is always installed.

If you don’t have a designated person to do this within your business, or if your busy work schedule means you often forget about security protocols, this might concern you. However, there are solutions. You could, for example, always seek external assistance like 24×7 IT Solution who can monitor your network for you. This will ensure your business stays safe and you can continue on other essential business matters.

Ensure Employees Understand the Importance of Safe Browsing

If you have a large team of employees who operate on your business network and computers, then they should understand how to browse safely and work online in the safest manner. This includes understanding how to recognize junk or spam emails, not downloading anything which appears unsafe and how to avoid dangerous websites or any communication which looks suspicious.

Anything downloaded onto one computer by one employee could compromise the whole network, so be sure to make online security training a regular occurrence.

Be Aware of the Public Information You Share

You need to share a certain amount of information with the public to market your business and present your business brand – but you don’t need to share everything. Be professional with your ‘About Us’ page on your website to ensure that no compromising information is included, but also take care of social media when posting about your business. For example, more personalized photos and descriptions of employees being on leave or away from your building could alert people to your place of work being empty or vulnerable.

Take Care with Social Media Photos

Having an active social media account for your business is, of course, essential in terms of marketing, but it’s important to be aware of the photos you post online. It could be something in the background of your photo, which shows key information about your business, or sensitive information, which you may not have realized needs to be cropped out. Always check your photos thoroughly for anything in the foreground or background that needs to be removed and protected.

Always Backup

A regular backup should be part of your business routine in order to protect all information stored on your network and system. This should be done to a reputable backup system and done on a regular basis to ensure that your business information is always stored safely.


Protecting your business online is about being aware and sensible with all the information you choose to share. Take the time to consider your methods and the information you’re posting online, and also be sure that everyone within the business understands safe working and browsing practices.

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