How Could the Internet of Things Revolutionize Online Slots?

The Internet of Things has already proven that it can work wonders for embedded electronics. The IoT relies on a network of embedded systems that work holistically to achieve a higher goal. There are a lot of challenges as the industry moves forward – to ensure the user interface is simple, that power usage is low enough, and that consumers’ data is safe and secure when using the network of embedded electronics. One such industry that requires all of these challenges to be met is the online casino industry. Could the IoT usher in a new generation of online slots?

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Personalized User Interface

The primary application of IoT when it comes to online slots is that the industry will become more personalized. Online casino sites provide, in some cases, upwards of 1,000 online slots, ranging from broad themes such as Ancient Egypt in games such as Cleopatra to those that use branded content such as Deal or No Deal. IoT could show us the slots we know we will enjoy engaging with. Part of the enjoyment of online casino is that it feels genuinely tailored to a player. With features such as the customer support and special offers adding to the VIP experience, showing a personalized user interface will compound this to result in the same site being customized for a range of different types of players.  

Consistent Experience Across Devices

Sensors on the web will be able to track what a player does on each site – whether it’s engaging with the latest offers or falling back on tried-and-tested favorite titles. These sensors should work across all platforms. There has been a boom in mobile gaming, so smartphones and desktop PCs will be able to share data of what a player does on the site and then be able to use it to tailor an identical experience across all platforms. Moreover, some analytical trackers can measure a player’s satisfaction levels throughout each game.

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Are There Privacy Concerns?

One of the main things people cite for not adopting these kinds of IoT technology is that they claim whoever runs them ends up knowing too much about you. For instance, people are already concerned over the location sharing on smartphones and the fact that verbal conversations appear later in ads on social media. So, some may be worried that sites are actively trying to monitor their behavior, even if it ultimately gives them a better experience. Indeed, a Vanson Bourne study found that 71% of those aged 22-35 were happy to be monitored and loosen privacy restrictions if it meant a better content experience.

One of the most exciting applications for the Internet of Things is when it is applied intuitively in areas where we haven’t yet seen such claims. For instance, a digital clock radio automatically sets its timers is no longer considered as bright as it is as we have grown used to it. So being able to use such processes and interconnect applications in industries that haven’t yet experienced it is where the mainstream is truly going to appreciate what embedded electronics can do with IoT. If the world of online casinos and online slots adopts the IoT, we could see a future of genuinely effortless entertainment.

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