19 small bathroom makeovers to maximize space and style

Welcome to the definitive guide on making your compact bathroom a chic haven with maximum space! We recognize how challenging it may be to work with a little area, but worry not! With a few creative tips and imagination, you can transform your small bathroom into a room with style and efficiency.

small bathroom

Say goodbye to small and uninteresting restrooms and hello to a gorgeous, inviting place with these tips.

1. Embrace Light and Bright Colors

Adopting light and vibrant colors is the first rule of any tiny space makeover. Subtle colors that reflect light, such as whites, creams, pastels, or soft neutrals, provide the appearance of more space and make a space feel airy and open.

Choose light-colored fixtures, paint, and tiles to change the look and atmosphere of your bathroom completely.

2. Install Large Mirrors

Mirrors are your best friends when it comes to expanding the visual size of your bathroom. Consider putting a big mirror or several smaller ones to reflect light around the space and provide the impression of depth. An excellent way to combine storage and reflective surfaces is using mirrored cabinets.

3. Opt for Space-Saving Fixtures

Invest in fixtures that take up less area and are made for compact bathrooms. Look for wall-mounted vanities, pedestal sinks, and small toilets. Because these fixtures occupy less floor area, there is more room for storage and movement.

Explore how Tub Replacement can optimize your bathroom’s layout, creating a more spacious and stylish environment. Moreover, be smart about where you place all fixtures. Explore different designs and settle for one that leaves the most room.

4. Clever Storage Solutions

Storage is crucial in any bathroom, especially in a small one. Utilize vertical space to your advantage while coming up with storage ideas. Install wall-mounted cabinets or floating shelves to keep your basics organized without wasting valuable floor space.

Use hooks or hanging organizers on the back of the bathroom door to keep towels and robes.

5. Choose the Right Lighting

Using the right lighting can significantly change the atmosphere of your bathroom. Combine task lighting with ambient lighting to make the area brighter and more attractive.

Moreover, dimmers can allow you to manage the lighting intensity and create a soothing environment for those long baths.

6. Use Glass Shower Enclosures

Choose a glass shower enclosure over a heavy curtain or solid door. The bathroom appears larger and more open due to the transparency of the glass, which allows the eye to move about the room.

7. Add Greenery and Accessories

Small potted plants or hanging planters can add color and life to your bathroom, giving it a more inviting atmosphere. In addition, properly picked accents like vivid rugs, towels, and artwork may inject personality and flare without taking over the room.

However, ensure you do not overdo it and place things strategically. Crowding the bathroom with too many plants will kill their purpose.

8. Incorporate Open Shelvin

An open shelf is a great way to keep reachable decorative items or often-used necessities on show. Doing this also makes the bathroom look open and airy. Think of inventive methods to make the most of your bathroom’s underutilized nooks or corners.

For instance, you may add corner shelves or squeeze a narrow storage cabinet into a small area.

9. Opt for a Floating Vanity

A floating vanity adds a contemporary touch and creates the illusion of more floor space as it hovers above the ground. Some floating vanities also feature built-in storage, making them stylish and useful.

10. Consider Pocket or Barn Doors

If your bathroom door swings inward, consider replacing it with a pocket or barn door. These wall-sliding space-saving door alternatives save valuable room that a conventional swinging door would take up.

11. Keep it Clutter-Free

The key to maximizing space in a small bathroom is to keep it clutter-free. Maintain regular decluttering and organization of your possessions and fight the impulse to pack the space to the gills with extraneous things.

12. Opt for a Sliding Shower Door

Consider a sliding shower door rather than a swinging one if a glass shower enclosure is impractical. Sliding doors are a great option for small bathrooms because they don’t need additional clearance to open.

13. Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Look for furniture that has multiple uses and is multi-functional. Think about a vanity with a mirror and storage built-in to it. An item like this aids in space optimization and reduces clutter.

14. Install High Shelving

Utilize high ceilings by building shelving or cabinets that reach the top. Extra towels or seasonal toiletries can be kept in this vertical storage space along with other goods that are not used frequently.

15. Hang Towel Bars on the Back of the Door

Utilize the back of the bathroom door to hang towel bars or hooks and save wall space. Doing this will allow you to store your towels close at hand without taking up valuable wall space that could be used for other storage options.

16. Install Proper Ventilation

Any bathroom, especially a tiny one, needs good ventilation to stop the formation of mold and mildew. Install an exhaust fan or window to ensure optimum air circulation and keep the area comfortable.

17. Keep the Floor Tile Consistent

The bathroom will look more spacious if the shower area and the rest of the bathroom are tiled with the same material. Large-format tiles are a great option for a cleaner and more spacious look.

18. Opt for Recessed Storage

It is a great idea to build storage into the walls using recessed shelves so it does not take up any additional room in the bathroom. They can be positioned above the bathtub or in the shower area to store bathroom supplies close at hand without taking up unnecessary space.

19. Use Clear Glass or Lucite Accessories

Transparent bathroom furnishings, like Lucite trays or clear glass containers, enhance functionality without adding aesthetic bulk. They maintain the overall design’s focal point and give the room a lighter, airier vibe.


Transforming your small bathroom into a stylish and space-maximizing haven is achievable with the right design and mindset.

Implementing these tips will turn your compact bathroom into a place of comfort and style that you will enjoy every day. Do not forget to have fun and experiment while you give your bathroom a makeover.

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