HQ NextPCB Launch New DFM Online PCB Gerber Viewer

HQ NextPCB is thrilled to unveil the latest addition to their lineup: the HQDFM Online Lite Edition, a sophisticated PCB Gerber Viewer and DFM Analysis Tool. This powerful tool is now available to all designers free of charge. With HQDFM, NextPCB aims to empower designers by equipping them with the necessary DFM tools and knowledge to refine their designs at the earliest stage, when issues are the least costly to rectify.


Through the universal representation of PCB production using the Ucamco Gerber standard, the industry has overcome language barriers. However, the intricacies of PCB Design for Manufacture remain ambiguous to many novice designers, leading to expensive obstacles and a disconnect between design and manufacturing. Missed deadlines, hit-or-miss production runs, and products destined for failure are all too common.

HQ NextPCB CEO, Alex Chen, acknowledges this concern and remarks, “There are still many designers who submit their production files without understanding their contents. Without the right tools and knowledge to debug the design, resolving issues with the fabrication facility poses a challenge for both parties. We hope to transform this scenario for the benefit of all.”

HQDFM Gerber Viewer

The HQDFM Gerber Viewer offers a comprehensive, online platform for displaying and reviewing PCB Gerber files as well as ODB++ files, free of charge. Drawing upon NextPCB’s 15 years of experience in high-reliability manufacturing and industry standards, HQDFM incorporates advanced Design for Manufacture (DFM) algorithms.

Unlike Design Rule Check (DRC) functionality found in EDA software, HQDFM allows designers to navigate and analyze production files, identifying design issues that may impact manufacturing or contribute to long-term reliability concerns. Through HQDFM, designers gain valuable insights from the manufacturer’s perspective, enabling them to enhance their designs accordingly.

Adapted from the free desktop version, the cross-platform HQDFM Online, with no download or installation requirements, brings easy-to-use Gerber Viewer functionality and DFM analysis to all, including Mac and Linux users. Simply upload PCB production files to the online interface, and within seconds, access a visual representation of the design.

HQDFM supports X2 and RS-274x PCB Gerber formats, Excellon drill files, and ODB++ files. Furthermore, it is compatible with popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

Notable features of HQDFM include the ability to check for over 20 Design for Manufacture issues, navigate PCB layers individually, generate a free downloadable DFM Report for more advanced analysis, and enjoy seamless one-click ordering with HQ NextPCB. Best of all, there are no sign-up requirements or obligations.

What does HQDFM check?

HQDFM evaluates three critical aspects:

– Design for Manufacturability: Ensuring that PCB elements fall within the capabilities of most manufacturers in the industry, including considerations such as trace width/spacing, drill hole/slot sizes, clearances to copper and board outline elements, special drill holes, solder mask openings, and more.

– Design for Cost: Detecting potential production challenges that may increase costs or lead times, such as drill hole fees, testing fees, surface finish fees, small trace widths/spacings, and special drill hole fees.

– Design for Reliability: Identifying potential issues that may not directly affect production but can impact the normal operation or lifespan of the boards, including shorts/opens, missing solder mask dams or openings, and missing/extra pads, drill holes, or annular rings.

Experience the difference the free HQDFM Gerber Viewer can make to your designs. Try it out for yourself.

About NextPCB

HQ NextPCB and HQ Online are the trading brands abroad for Shenzhen Huaqiu (HQ) Electronics Co. Ltd., a reputable multi-layer PCB manufacturer and assembly house. Their capabilities encompass up to 32-layer boards, blind and buried vias up to HDI 3, custom stack-ups, full turnkey assembly, and more, facilitated by a smart quotation platform and tailored one-to-one support.

Since its establishment in 2009, NextPCB has ardently pursued fast, reliable, and affordable full-featured electronics manufacturing, driving innovation and transformation within the industry. Their groundbreaking software, HQDFM, allows designers to analyze PCB Gerber files and identify design issues. Selected by over 300,000 users worldwide, choose NextPCB for your next design and witness the remarkable acceleration of your workflow. Visit HQ NextPCB.com to learn more.

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