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What are the best design tips for the vape website?

Since the rate of purchasing vaping products in online shops is increasing rapidly, many people are creating vape websites to exceed their business. Nevertheless, it’s still hard to find a reliable and user-friendly online vape store from a consumer perspective. 


That means still there is a chance for the newbie who wants to start an online store in this niche. But being a competitive industry, it is very challenging to be the best online vape shop. 

A website looks knowledgeable in its content and has an eye-catchy design and simple navigation; only then can your site be trustable to the users. Anyone can start selling online vape products that include vape pods, pens, vape juice, and other vaping accessories, then only an eye-catching design can make the difference. 

Let’s break down the best design tips for your vape website. So that you can boost your business and make the best-converting website.

Determine The Website Goal

To be the best in the industry, you need to determine your goals first. As vape is a big niche, there are plenty of products you can sell. But at the very first time, you may not be able to sell all of them. 

So, according to your ability, make a strategy to build a website that will be reliable and trustworthy to the users. Moreover, determining your website goals will help you understand the website structure and key features you should have on your site.  

Create an Effective & Responsive Home Page

After all, the home page design is the look and feel of any website so that the home page design can make or break your site impression. The home page design should be eye-catchy and at the same time responsive. 

Here some tips you can follow to make an effective and responsive home page.

  • Use brandable logos, banners and images.
  • Use some navigation buttons like a search box, scroll up & down.
  • Focus on font style, colors, and header- footer menu.
  • Create some blog link (internal & external)

Align Product Category Pages

After designing a perfect homepage, the next important thing is to align your product category pages. What you offer to the customer will be found on these category pages. In that manner, you should pay some extra attention while you are creating category pages.

Here are some tips for you-

  • Determine the needs of category pages.
  • Identify product features, brand and usability and listed them on category pages. 
  • Include price range, product images etc.

Pay Attention To Website Usability

Without having user responsiveness, all your efforts would be worthless. Here are some important elements you should include in your website to be user friendly.

  • Uses a lightweight & mobile responsive theme.
  • Make a couple of drop-down menus.
  • Use color contrasts.
  • Build contact form. 
  • Setup a sitemap.
  • Use some mobile optimizable add-ons. 

Look for Search Engine Optimization Strategy 

You have to pay attention to marketing strategy so that you can rank on search engines. Here are some SEO factors you should keep in mind.

  • Focus on relevant keywords in your content.
  • Write some good meta descriptions.
  • Optimize your content URL.
  • Add some anchor words in your content.
  • Use some authentic customized images.
  • Set up Google Analytics.

Engage On Social Media 

For an E-commerce site, it is important to understand the power of social media. Although you can not estimate the actual result but still engaging on social media will bring a lot of traffic to your site. More traffic means more engagement on your content and ultimately more sales. 

Final Words

Starting an online vape store seems very exciting. But you have to focus on some important factors before launching your site. Hopefully, these tips would be helpful to you for making a successful vape website.

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