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What are the Benefits and Limitations of Brushless Motors in Industries?

A brushless motor is similar to its counterpart, although it comes without the brushes that will usually, eventually, wear out. For this reason, they are often that little bit more expensive than a regular motor – but they do last that little bit longer.

Brushless Motor

We put together this guide to the benefits and limitations of a brushless motor, to help you get a feel for which might work best for you. So you need a conventional motor or does it need to be brushless? Let’s find out!

Why a Brushless Motor?

A brushless motor is often preferred over the traditional type of motor because it wears down less over time. A brushless motor features an electromagnetic current mounted on a rotating arm. When a current is passed through the arm spins using different polarities. It’s a little scientific, but you can get a fuller explanation on Wikipedia if you are technically minded.

Now that we understand what it does and a little of how it works, we can look at the benefits and limitations of the brushless motor system.

The Benefits of a Brushless Motor

For a start, the brush motor has more power to it than a conventional motor has. A traditional motor will work using brushes to change the polarity. Brushes will eventually wear out, and friction will make it slower. When you go brushless, magnets replace the brushes, and there is no hindrance from friction.

A brushless motor is:

  • More efficient than its counterpart since there is no friction nor heat build-up.
  • It doesn’t overheat like a large-sized brushed motor might.
  • It will last longer because there are no brushes, the part of the motor most likely to wear out.
  • A brushless motor is more comfortable to control since the current has a more significant effect.
  • A brushless motor is much, much quieter than a regular one.

As a bonus, a brushless motor is likely to be much easier to cool down. Combined with their quiet running speeds, this makes them ideal in the electronics world. However, they do have their limitations

The Limitations of a Brushless Motor

Firstly, a brushless motor cost more. This is because of how much better they perform in general. They tend only to be used for things that are too expensive to replace a motor easily. In vehicles, for example. If you put together a half a million pounds vehicle, you don’t want to be fidgeting with the motor, if you can help it.

This knowledge that the brushless motor is aa little more expensive often puts people off. Manufacturers generally want to save on costs of production wherever possible, and it is sad to see, but many scrimp on the motor costs. The truth is, if we all used brushless motors more often there would be less environmental costs, and maintenance costs, to the parts that we use.

Where to buy Brushless Motors?

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