Upgrading Fire Safety At Your Company Office: A Guide For Employers

Now that many companies across the country are done with remote working and returning to the world of office working, it’s time to look into upgrading your office space as much as possible. You cannot afford to get complacent when it comes to fire safety, as that is where serious accidents can happen. Your business must comply with NFPA codes. We’ve decided to come up with this guide aimed at employers on upgrading your fire safety measures in your company office. Continue reading to find out more.

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Check Your Fire Alarms

When carrying out your weekly tests to check your office’s fire alarms are working properly, use different call points each week. You also need to verify that the alarm sound can be heard throughout the entire building. Once you have completed the checks, you need to record the results. Noticed any faults or errors? You need to write an action plan addressing how you intend to repair the alarm system or who you will contact to fix it for you.

Invest In Better Quality Fire Extinguishers

You need powerful fire extinguishers that can do an adequate job of putting out fires in your office space as quickly as possible. Have you performed checks on your fire extinguishers and noticed they are a bit subpar and are not performing as well as they used to be? In that case, it could be time to invest in upgrading to better quality fire extinguishers that will do an excellent job of putting out fires in no time. Take a look at the fire extinguisher sales and service from First-Line Fire Extinguisher Co. to get your company office kitted out with suitable fire protection equipment that won’t let you down.

Make Staff Do Refresher Courses On Fire Safety

You need to make sure your staff members are up to date with fire safety measures as fire safety regulations can be prone to change; you don’t want your employees to have significant gaps in their knowledge that could put them in grave danger. So, like with all types of staff training, your employees need to take part in refresher courses on the latest fire safety regulations and what they must do in the office space in the event of a fire. The fundamental principle behind staff courses on fire safety is doing your best as an employer to make sure as many of your hard-working staff members exit the building safe and sound should a fire occur.

Unfortunately, fire brigades across the country have to attend to fires in commercial offices all year round. Therefore, fire safety in the workplace is still a real issue in this country despite the vast amount of legislation that has been put forward and implemented with workplace fire safety in mind. So, employers out there, don’t let your guard slip when it comes to getting on top of fire safety measures to help look after your premises.

We all know how much employers can stand to lose in the damages caused by serious fires breaking out in their office spaces. These are a few tips and pointers on upgrading fire safety at your company offices.

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