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Top 5 Profitable Side Project for Teachers

Economists have often cited the average salary for young and experienced teachers alike is far too low to keep up with the increasing standard of living throughout the United States. This should come as no surprise as the country continues to struggle to fund educational programs – let alone teachers’ salaries.

Side Project for Teachers

In some metropolitan areas, it’s essential that teachers take on side gigs to help supplement their weekly or monthly income. The misconception is that these secondary jobs are things people don’t want to do, but the reality is that many teachers who take on supplementary work choose jobs they specialize in and actually have considered doing full-time. We’ve outlined the best side gigs according to a panel of teachers who have been doing this for several years.

  1. Professional Academic Term Paper Writer. Teachers often have writing skills that are far above the norm. Years of educational training combined with years of having to teach others these skills, position them to take on writing gigs in a number of areas. Academic writing companies are always looking for talented writers who can help review, edit, and write term papers, research papers, essays, dissertations, and theses. Write My Essay Today is a great place to start. The company offers plenty of work, a strong network of supporters, and invaluable resources to use throughout.
  2. One’s Interest or Passion for starting a Business. In an interesting article by Good Morning America, many teachers revealed their success in following their passions as a way to earn extra income. Everything from making pottery to selling health drinks to upcycling used furniture is a great way of making a living – and the supplementary income helps tremendously as the educational field continues to see drastic cuts to salary each year. One doesn’t need a business degree to start a business – a lot of teachers that follow their passions start small and often from home.
  3. Social Media Content Creator/Coordinator. Social media is huge. And small and big companies alike need to create an online presence to increase or maintain brand awareness. Social media content creators and coordinators can do most of their work remotely, which makes these roles a great idea for a side gig for teachers. There may be some training required, but it’s all stuff that someone can usually find out on his or her own.
  4. Specialized Fitness & Exercise Instructor. There are several ways to earn money as a fitness or exercise instructor on the side. Most people think about working at a gym for a few hours a week, but fewer people think about earning money, giving private lessons at a park (e.g., yoga or stretching) or one-on-one instruction at clients’ homes. The latter is a great way to build a client base that can provide extra income for years. One needs only to market oneself and make sure to set aside enough time to meet with clients on a regular basis.
  5. Delivery Driver (UPS, Amazon, FedEx, USPS). We’ve all heard about the growing popularity of ridesharing companies – but if driving other people around isn’t quite something you would be interested in doing, you can always look at traditional delivery companies like UPS, Amazon, FedEx, and USPS as a great way of earning extra cash. Hours are really flexible, and you’re asked to only work as much or as little as you want per week. You can deliver part-time or during the summer, and because home shopping is becoming more popular than traditional in-store shopping, you’ll have plenty of work to look forward to.

If you are looking to improve your skills in a different field than teaching, then a side gig might be for you. Consider writing professionally or instructing others in a craft or activity you enjoy. There are a lot of opportunities out there, and there are now numerous online resources to help you get started. The key here is that it doesn’t have to be full-time; you might want just to commit a few hours per week. Don’t be hesitant to change up your professional life a bit. You might find it tremendously rewarding to do something more.

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