Tips In Making A Business Partnership Proposal

Business partnerships, when done correctly, can be very profitable to all the parties involved in the partnership. But before you enter into any kind of business proposal with another person or company, it is important that both parties understand their roles and responsibilities according to your agreement/contract. A business partnership is not just limited to two people but can have more than two partners for it to be considered a “partnership” in the eyes of the law.

Business partnerships can be made in different ways; maybe you know someone who has tried their hand at starting a small business and it went well for them. They can recommend you to another small business owner willing to make a partnership. Or maybe, you are the kind of person who prefers doing things on your own without depending on other people too much. If this is so, then you can start your own online store and approach other online stores with the same line of products as yours about forming a business partnership.

What follows are simple tips that would help ensure that you get the best out of every partnership proposal:

1. Study Your Market Well

What products and services does your target market need? What business activities can you undertake with a partner that will be profitable for both parties? Will an online store partnership bring in enough money to sustain the business of all or more than one company? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before you even start thinking of any kind of business collaboration with another entity.

2. Think Of The Consequences

Will the business proposal template of a business partnership affect or interfere with your current business operations? You must know that any new undertaking, no matter how small it is, will require time and effort on your part to get it off the ground. If you have an established customer base, you may find it difficult to accept new customers, for this will require you to spend more time attending to them.

3. Be Realistic About Your Expectations

No partnership is perfect; no business collaboration will ever be without problems. You must bear in mind that you are working with another person; one whose ideas and opinions differ from yours. So, when writing a business proposal that will be presented to your prospective business partner, you should be honest with yourself and think of what problems might come up in the future.

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4. Find A Good Time To Talk About It And Introduce The Idea

After doing all your homework, it is now time for you to talk about your plans with your intended business partner.

You can do this in person through an in-store meeting, or your computer. If you are doing it over the Internet with a pitch deck, be sure that your partner is comfortable about being faced with this problem because there’s no turning back once you click that “Send” button. The latter option is usually used by small businesses, which have only one owner involved at the time of the negotiation.

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5. Be Prepared For A “No”

After dealing with any business partnership, both parties tend to see all the benefits they could get out of it, but never realize the things that can go wrong with it; this is why it is good practice to be prepared for a “no” answer from your potential business partner. When you receive this kind of news, do not bother trying to convince them, for this could ruin the future of the partnership before it even starts.

6. Be Ready To Negotiate

Partnership negotiations can be easy if both parties have equal capital investment for the agreement/business, but one partner usually has more to contribute than the other. If this is not the case with you and your prospective partner, then it becomes harder to convince them that your business proposal examples would still benefit them in spite of their contribution being less than yours. You must be willing to negotiate if you want the partnership to work out for both parties.

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7. Wait For A Reply

Waiting for a reply from the other party after you have proposed your business partnership is something that can go on for days, weeks, or even months. This is because they are currently weighing their options before committing themselves to what could be a big mistake in the future; thus it is important not to pressure them into making a decision. You must give them time so that they can think it through and come to the right conclusion.

8. Do Not Show Any Signs Of Frustration

When you do not receive any reply from your intended business partner for weeks or even months after you have proposed the idea of the partnership to them, it is important not to show any form of frustration or anger. The best thing you can do in this situation is just waiting patiently for their answer; if they “meltdown” because of your patience, then it would be better for them to just say goodbye and walk out on the project.

In Conclusion

It is often said that you get what you give. It may be true in the business world as well. Before proposing a partnership to another company, it’s important to know how your proposal will benefit them and their company goals. These tips will help you make an offer they can’t refuse on your business partnership proposal. 

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