8 Ways That You Can Use A Smartphone

The average adult spends over three hours a day on smartphones. For the first time in history, people spend more time on their smartphones than watching television. Most of this time is spent exploring different apps. That’s why many users feel that these devices are taking over their lives.

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However, instant access to emails or the ability to call anyone at any time is not a bad thing. In fact, there are many other useful ways in which people can use their smartphones. Here are eight surprising ways people can use their smartphones to become more efficient at their lives –

1. Use Voice Commands to Save Time

Typing out instructions can be time-consuming. That’s why tech-savvy people use voice-activated features in their smartphones. They use voice commands and notes to send text messages, schedule appointments, and complete various other tasks. Some apps allow users to dictate their verbal thoughts, which are translated to text almost instantly.

With these voice commands, people who aren’t the fastest typists can now draft long messages, blog posts, emails, etc.

2. Listen to Audiobooks

If audiobooks existed four hundred years ago, would we still say that reading is the best way of learning? Probably not. Listening to audiobooks has changed many peoples’ lives for the better. Audiobooks give people who aren’t so good at reading the chance to absorb complex concepts and ideas. Podcasts offer the same benefit.

Consuming long-form content can help smartphone users gain more knowledge. Plus, smartphones distract the most when they’re used for short-term activities like scrolling through news feeds or checking notifications. When used for listening to audiobooks or podcasts, smartphones can actually improve our concentration levels.

3. Hone Your Concentration Skills

Is it possible to hone our concentration skills by using one of the most distractive pieces of technology in existence? Yes. There are several apps that users can download to minimize the number of day-to-day distractions they’re exposed to. For instance, users can download app blockers to restrict the amount of time they spend on specific activities.

4. Underwater Photography 

Many smartphone lovers across the world are awaiting the launch of the Huawei P50 Pocket device. Why? Because the smartphone comes with IP68 water and dust protection features. That means these devices are water-resistant. “Water-resistant” doesn’t necessarily mean “waterproof.” But, users can still use these smartphones to take underwater photos.

All they need are some waterproof cases for their water-resistant smartphones. Then, they can capture starfish, sea urchins, and other underwater creatures with their smartphones. Plus, these underwater photographs don’t come off as blurry or poor quality. They’re surprisingly detailed.

5. Set Alerts

If you’re someone who constantly loses track of time, smartphones can help you become more time-efficient. Most of the latest smartphones in the market come with advanced timer features. Users can set one or multiple timers or alerts to get reminded of specific duties throughout the day.

6. Monitor Children’s Devices

There are many parental control apps that enable parents to monitor and control their children’s devices. These apps can remotely and securely lock a child’s device. They can also be used to create daily screen time limits, block potentially harmful apps, and oversee text messages. Parents can use these apps to improve and modernize their parenting efforts.

7. Use the Phone as a Webcam

In the post-COVID19 world, webcams are essential devices, especially for remote workers. These devices allow us to participate in videoconferences, Zoom meetings, etc. Unfortunately, webcams are not accessible in many parts of the world. Supply chain issues are making it hard (in some cases impossible) for the average user to buy the latest webcams. No worries! Smartphones can be connected to laptops and used as makeshift webcams.

8. Separate Media Device

This advantage applies specifically to people who carry two or more devices. They can transform their secondary smartphones into separate media players. For example, your old smartphone can serve as media storage or a media playing device. Your new or main phone will suffer from less stress if you take this step.

Technology, especially smartphone devices, plays a key role in so many important areas of our lives. By using these devices smartly and efficiently, we can all become more efficient in our lives. Use this guide to add a touch of efficiency to your smartphone usage practices!

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