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Great deals at PCBWay shopping festival 2020

Pandemic forced us to spend more time at home or work. We can spend additional spare time with our family, work on various projects, and learn new skills. The Christmas period also comes with great sales where you can get great deals on planned goods and services.

PCBWay shopping festival 2020

As usual, PCBway is organizing a big sale as Christmas shopping festival 2020 where you can get lots of great deals and gifts. During this extraordinary period from 2nd to 31 December, you can celebrate the event with PCBWay and receive many advantages. Let’s break out the benefits of the shopping festival.

Free Xmas Cash Coupons

PCBWay shopping coupons

There are four types of coupons that differ in value. Depending on the purchase amount, you can select different coupons. The minimum order value is $30 when you can pick a 5$ coupon. Thus, your total amount will be $25 to pay. And the most significant discount is $200 for orders starting from $2999. The entire premium of all seven possible coupons is $410 worth. Each coupon can be collected once. Vouchers are valid for 60 days. Be sure to reserve one or several if you plan to purchase a PCB prototype or assembly service. Coupons can be used before confirming payment in the ordering form.  Also, if you are registering as a new customer to PCBWay, get an additional $5 welcoming coupon.

Lucky Draw

PCBWay lucky draw

If you have been a PCBWay customer for some time and purchased some of their services, you have a chance to participate in a lucky draw. Here you have three opportunities to draw multiple gifts, including 100 or 200 PCBWay beans, that can be spent on the gift shop, discount coupons in values $30 or $50, Amazon gift card ($50), Arduino Mega2560 Rev3, and the biggest – DJI Mini 2 quadcopter.

End-year big sale

This year they are offering a %15 discount on their HDI and Rigid-Flex PCBs. This is a great chance to prototype an advanced PCB. HDI allows getting high-density PCB with finer spaces and lines with vias down to 0.15mm. They can build up to 30 layers of HDI of IPC Class 2 and 3 using Tg170℃ FR4 base material.

HDI and flex discount

Flexible PCBs are great for building non-standard electronics devices that are small, irregularly shaped. We already covered the benefits of Flex PCBs here. Flex PCBs can be up to 8 layers with min track spacing above 0.06mm. Check out the advanced PCB capabilities here.

Call for XMAS Project

The most benefit you can get by submitting Christmas related electronics project with the keyword XMAS2020. These can be a snowman, Santa, or any decoration related to a Christmas event. The best 3 projects will be selected for grand prizes where 1st place will receive an Amazon gift card of $200, 2000 PCBWay beans, a Specially customized XMAS Swag Bag, and a free prototype of the winning project. The winner of  2nd place will be awarded a $100 Amazon gift card, 1000 beans, an XMAS Swag bag, and a free prototype of the awarding project. The 3rd place will receive a $50 Amazon gift card, 500 beans, and XMAS bag, and a prototype of the awarded project. All project entries are listed on the Shared Project page.

xmas2020 submitter projects

All the winners will be announced on 8 January 2021. Do not be discouraged from submitting, even if you will not take first place. Each participant will be granted 100 – 200 PCBWay beans. Once you get enough Beans, you can start looking at the PCBWay gift shop. Just for reference, 100 Beans are equivalent to $1. You get an idea of how much you can accumulate during the Christmas shopping festival.

PCBWay is regularly organizing giveaways and festivals where you can benefit a lot. Do not miss them by joining Social media on Twitter(@pcbwayofficial) and Facebook(@pcbway). Do not cut the PCBWay Youtube channel. By subscribing, you may get a special Christmas discount coupon here as well.

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