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The best tools for compressing files in 2021

A shortage of memory space on your devices can be quite frustrating, especially when saving new items. However, you can considerably clear up digital space by compressing your documents and other types of files. Thankfully, the IT market offers various software and tools that allow you to shrink documentation effectively and quickly.

compression software

Compression software allows the user to save space on laptops, desktop computers, mobile devices, etc. Some software even allows you to compress PDFs online and transfer them safely, thanks to their high encryption standards. That’s not all — compression software can offer the user much more; let’s take a closer look. 

What are the makings of excellent compression software?

Upon realizing the need for a tool that shrinks files, your first question should be: which software can compress PDFs without reducing the files’ quality? This is a good question as many people believe that the process of compression can undermine the overall quality of a document’s contents. Here are some things you should pay attention to when searching for the best software compression tools of 2021:

Convenient user interface

People appreciate it when a particular software has a user-friendly interface, as this makes it easy to navigate. A new purchase must be comfortable to use. The majority of file compressors can operate in the background, allowing you to continue focusing on other tasks while your documents are shrinking. 

Opportunity to send large files via emails

Almost everyone has faced a situation when Gmail has not let you send a document because of its size. Although many people think that a powerful hard drive is enough to get around this issue — trust me, that’s not always the case. Thankfully, compression software functions as a magic wand for this type of scenario. 

Safety capacities of the platform

Those of us who work on the Internet using a PC often understand the importance of security measures. A file’s compressing software makes it possible not only to store needed documents but also to send them via diverse channels of communication with zero-risk to safety, thanks to encryption features

Let’s take a look at some other features to consider…

Tools to consider

Although zip files might come to mind when you need to shrink documents, there are better tools available that offer more features and functionality. Below, are some of the most popular tools used today:

  •  WinZip

Even though WinZip has existed for more than three decades, it still deserves a place on our list. The instrument has several advanced features: it can split a big file into several smaller ones, and also supports a vast array of file types. Winzip also allows you to create or extract documents. The only considerable downfall is that it’s priced well above other similar solutions.

  •  Zip Archiver

For people who care about simplicity and usability first, Zip Archiver is a great option.  Although the tool is entirely free, it is only compatible with Windows. Similar to WinZip, you can compress many file types using this tool. Zip Archiver also comes with a handy drag and drop feature, further enhancing the user experience. 

  •  WinRAR

No list would be complete without WinRAR. One advantage of this software is that you can extract and create compressed documents in the RAR format — it also works well with other formats. WinRAR software allows for fast shrinking and high-levels of encryption. As far as the disadvantages are concerned, the user-interface is slightly more complicated than the other solutions we’ve mentioned. Also, there is no free version available.

More options for you to discover

Ever heard about the Lumin PDF editor? If not, you should pay close attention. If you are interested in compressing files online, you should consider software capable of more than just shrinking functions. Lumin is a PDF editor and file compressor that is suitable for different manipulations.

What makes Lumin so outstanding is the fact that it is incredibly versatile. A user can convert diverse file formats into PDFs, edit them, and compress them whenever needed. Should you wish to change a document’s size, Lumin will allow you to do so with just a few clicks. Here is what you need to do:

  •  Install the software, create your account, and log in — note that you can sign in using your existing Google account as well. 
  •  In the toolbar, you will see the “Compress” button — click it. Afterward, click on the “Get started” button.
  •  You must now upload the file(s) you wish to shrink. If you would like, you can also select the documents right from your digital storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft Cloud).
  •  After a short span of time, the compressed files will be ready. Simply rename the documents and save them wherever you wish.

Although with Lumin PDF, the maximum compression size is 10MB; nevertheless, there may be times when your file’s size exceeds this. As it offers a handy splitting-option, should you need to compress large PDF files, Lumin is a great option. Use the split and merge features to divide your PDF into several parts and shrink separately. 

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