Private Messenger: How To Find, Where To Look

Many messengers are centralized which means there is some main server that keeps everything you send stored. Furthermore, this stored data can be used by third parties. In case the messenger does not provide encryption, the content of messages can be easily revealed. Being the only master of your life, you can keep at least some part of your lives to yourself by using a private messenger. And these are the options you have.

private messaging

1.      Utopia – Windows, macOS, Linux – free

For the starters, I will introduce a new alternative source of an ideal society. Utopia is not just a messenger. It’s a whole new concept of the utopian world. No one controls your communication. No one can see what you sent and who is send it to. The Utopian system is encrypted, decentralized and unlimited. Besides its messaging features, the product also provides an opportunity to make and receive payments through the uWallet it includes. Everything about the application sounds too good to be true. Well, don’t be surprised. It is Utopia!


2.      Telegram – Android, iPhone, and iPad, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows, macOS, Linux, OS X – free

Telegram is a safely encrypted messenger that stands for the concept of a private and safe connection with the online world. The size of messages and files you want to send has no limitations. By the way, they are quickly delivered to the recipient. The messages you don’t need can be easily destructed. 


3.      Sylo – Android, iOS – free

 ‘Type like no one is watching,’ suggests the decentralized platform Sylo. It is only you who is to choose what and whom to send messages. Everything you share cannot be used by a third party without you singing the agreement. It also offers to purchase in-app financial features.


4.      Wickr – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS – free, paid

The developers of Wickr messenger use the best specialists in fields of security and technology. The application is more targeted for the purposes of organizations and companies to keep safe their data. However, one can easily install the application and use it for their own private purposes. 


5.      Status – Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux – free

Following up on the idea of freedom, the team of developers does not have hierarchy, offices, and managers. the basic principles of liberty, censorship resistance, security, and privacy are in the center of Status, a tool that combines messenger, decentralized crypto-wallet, and Web3 browser. The data is encrypted and stored locally on your device.


6.      Signal – desktop, Android, iPhone – free

‘Confidentiality that fits into your pocket,’ offers the next private messenger Signal. The application is ad-free. The open-source code is available for everyone to control, debug and make sure in its transparency. Highly developed encryption preserves your data from breaches. In addition to this, there is a function to delete messages you need to once and forever.


 7.      Wire – Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and browsers – the free trial period

The last but not least is a software Wire. End-to-end encryption provides complete safety and secrecy. Everyone may check the source code to realize the quality of secrecy the application offers. Video, calls, messages, files and so on are all protected by the encryption. The wire is an amazing choice for enterprise companies and organizations to achieve a new level of collaboration.


Privacy is a natural desire of every human being. We all deserve this. And now, thanks to caring developers, it has become possible. You should not neglect your human right to preserve something to yourself. And with these applications, you are sure to improve your quality of life.

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