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Is Drone Technology Worth Investing in?

Drones, also referred to as Flying Mini Robots, Miniature Pilotless Aircraft, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), are becoming popular over time. While their use is not yet widespread, they have become an integral part of many government organizations and businesses’ operations. They are very versatile and can be used for various purposes, including making deliveries and scanning places that would be otherwise unreachable such as some military bases. Businesses benefit from them because of their speed and accuracy. For instance, when making deliveries to customers, there is no time wasted in traffic or finding the customer’s location. They also increase productivity and work efficiency, and help businesses save on operation costs, among other benefits. Like most other technological inventions, drone technology started as a fad, but that quickly changed as more businesses realized the technology’s immense potential. If you plan on investing in technology, maybe study how this Boston-based multi-billion dollar technology-focused investment firm is handling their investment strategies. Continue reading

Small autonomous quad drone does some powerful processing

Quad copters are available everywhere. You can get any entry level drone for cheap but still they are fun to play. Once you’re done with simple flying and observing you start to want more. This is where real fun begins. Some focus on adding more sensors and programming complex flight plans, other try to make a collaborative swarm of drones and even more. But most crazy ideas are born at universities. Check out an interesting project developed by Aeronoutics and Astronautics department student from Tokyo. Drone is equipped with all standard quad rotor equipment like 3 axis accelerometer, gyros, compass. This is what allows to keep quad stable. ARM cortex-M4 keeps track of the systems. But most processing is done by Spartan-6 FPGA board which takes images with small camera and localizes itself by doing image processing. It gives great performance considering small drone size. Continue reading