Implementing AVR interrupts

Before we go to the code part, let’s what is needed to run interrupts successfully. These conditions apply to all AVR interrupts. First of all, we need to enable global interrupts by setting global Interrupts enable bit (I) in the SREG register. This is crucial as this bit enables or disables all interrupts in the AVR microcontroller. So each time you are setting up an interrupt, be sure this bit is enabled. The next thing is enabling individual interrupt bits on a particular peripheral control register. Without setting this bit – wanted interrupt won’t work either. And the last thing is to be sure that there are required conditions for an interruption to occur. For instance, if you set timer overflow interrupt, be sure this overflow will occur. Defining AVR interrupts Now we can get to some code as the practice is the best teacher. If you look at various C compilers, you’ll find that interrupt defining syntax may differ across them. This is mainly because compilers stay away from hardware-specific details, so it is up to the software developer… Continue reading