PIC based IR receiving module

Chris from Pyroelectro have sent us hos latest project where he creates an Infrared receiver which is capable of receiving signals from TV remotes, decode them and then perform assigned tasks. The heart of system is a PIC18F452 microcontroller which captures signals from IR Phototransistor. Along with full project, you can also find here a nice tutorial on Infrared theory and IR signals. So you can fully understand how your remote control transmits commands to TV or other controllable device. With IR signal receiver you can have more than enough channels to start controlling stuff around, the only limitation is that you have to see what you are controlling. Continue reading

DIY Your Own Weather Station!

Do you have the interest to become an amateur meteorologist? Or, do you think that it’s impossible for you to be a meteorologist, since you didn’t have the basic knowledge about meteorologist? Believe it or not, you don’t need to have the acquire knowledge for eligible yourself as an amateur meteorologist! All you need to do here is to construct your weather station inside a weatherproof box. Have a closer look on the above weather station. This project is based on PIC18F452 that running at 4 MHz. It can displays auto-memory in all high and low values without any problem. The reason why you should develop a weather station by your own, because it can be used to record: Pressure reading, Relative humidity, Indoor and outdoor temperature display (Either in Celsius or Fahrenheit), Mbar/hPa or mm Hg! Beside that, it also included with calendar and clock, easy 3-button user-menu, 42 hour-history display and power saving sleep mode. The best part about this weather station is it only turned on, when you’re really needed. Hence, you don’t need to waste many… Continue reading

The S.M.A.R.T. HVAC Monitor!

Many people always claimed how smart and intelligent they’re in the electronics niche. If you’re one of those that have the talent, then would you dare try to create this S.M.A.R.T. HVAC monitor? As already mentioned earlier, an HVAC monitor is a project that involved making a S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) Thermostat. It has the ability to access the internet without any further modification! Well, this project had already combined several elements of embedded electronics, and it keeps on the theme of Home Automation. By using the S.M.A.R.T. HVAC monitor, you’ll have the chance to control and monitor the HVAC system via the web. Furthermore, it could be easily interfaced with most commercial and residential systems. It is important to keep the furnace in working conditions. This is why you might need to partner with Furnace Repair Whitby. The project is based on a PIC18F452, which is capable of using the standard 2-wire hardware I2C. To be honest, you’ve to figure out the way to overcome the small downside here, as these pins were not made available on… Continue reading

Don’t Be Menaced, You Wooden Menace!

Are you always fascinated about robotic arms and you’re wishing to build up your very own robotic arm? Well, if someone says that you can build an interactive robotic arm with only woods, then will you love to try it? The main objective of this project is to develop a robotic arm, which can be used in most any direction like a humanoid arm. If you want to make this Wooden Menace a more useful, then you can adding a pair of grippers on the end. The grippers will be used to grip any trivial objects, such a piece of paper, pen, envelope, or any stationary items! You can easily develop this project, as it is a simple design with a few moving parts. Thus, a PIC18F452 will be more than enough for it! This potentially limits the ability to control the arm with smooth movements. Since this Wooden Menace robotic arm could be made out of generally cheap household items, the cost for creating this project won’t be too much. So, if you’re curious about this Wooden Menace robotic… Continue reading

Driving DC motor with L298 H-bridge controlled by PIC

In some embedded projects you need to use DC motors and there is always what driver IC to use. Chris offers to try L298HN motor driver IC. Chip is actually well known H-Bridge which allows to drive DC motor in both direction but also can variate it’s speed with PWM inputs. In this particular example project Motor driver IC is interfaced to PIC18F452 microcontroller. Microcontroller generates signals needed to drive motor to selected direction and speed. Only to integer variables need to be adjusted. Sample code is available for download. This might be a good resource for your next upcoming project. Continue reading

Autonomous toy car drifter

Chris sent us this cool autonomous race car drifter project. The only modification is made to RC remote control – car itself is left untouched. Remote control is equipped with PIC18F452 microcontroller which takes commands from PC via RS232 interface. Modification of remote control replaces control buttons with embedded microcontroller pins – so it could emulate remote control actions. Then controlling part is left to PC. Car can be controlled manually with keyboard or automatically by some preprogrammed script. Press Enter and enjoy the ride… Continue reading