Configuring the DCO of MSP430

Clocks are an essential part of any microcontroller. These are the first thing one should know while beginning to use any feature of the controller whether it’s a timer, interrupts, or ADC’s. All of them rely on the clock setting of the microcontroller and works accordingly. The MSP430 is not so different. However, it features a very easy to configure clock settings which might look a bit tough initially but once you get used to it, you will find it amazing to use. Unlike AVR, where you use super complicated fuse bits to change your clock source as well as the frequency, this is not the case with the MSP430. The clocks are easily configurable, and importantly if you are using internal clock, you can change its frequency at any time during the program which is not possible in the AVR series. Before beginning, let me describe our task. We will use a blink led program, which is already included with CCS and without changing the delay loop and with the help of the internal oscillator we will observe a… Continue reading