Which Video Game Hero Do You Want to Be? Pac-Man!

The world of video games has thrown out so many heroes in the past, and many of them portrayed unique characteristics. The fact remains that people choose to be affiliated to them based on what they represented in the games. Some came as the warlords that destroyed everything on their part. Some came as the peacemaker that wanted peace in the world, while others depicted beauty, glamour, and some other characters. Amongst all of them, Pac-Man seems to be the best video game hero of all time. The fact is that the character of Pac-Man is so iconic that every person who likes peaceful and responsible living will fall in love with him. Now, it was introduced around the 1980s, so it is also easy to see people born around the 70s and early 80s cherish him with passion. But above that, the fact that it represented something straightforward and, at some point, rare is also a plus to it.  The Pac-Man is a representation of the hero of the Japanese arcades game.

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