AVR tutorial. Initial word

AVR family is one of the leading 8-bit microcontrollers in its family. There are many reasons why many hobbyists chose this one among others. I don’t say that other families like PIC are worse – no way – can you find even better solutions if needed. Let’s not get into a big fight “what’s the best.” Smart engineers don’t fight – they choose the one that will do the job with less effort, less cost and probably the one that are most familiar. Let’s stick with AVR for a while as it is quite a favorite type among today’s hobbyists. Who don’t know Arduino? It is also based on AVR MCUs. So, interest in AVR is significant, demand is big, but one thing is missing – knowledge on how to program these babies effectively. You can find tons of various libraries and tutorials on how to do simple tasks like LED blinking, USART, I2C SPI communications, and another interfacing. This is great, but when your project grows into something more significant you are stuck because simple big while() loop in… Continue reading