Useful tips on setting Notepad ++ to work with WinAVR

WinAVR is well known AVR-GCC toolset for Windows users. In general these are command line tools that might be unattractive for many microcontroller developers. Using graphical interfaces makes things much easier. Actually there is a nice IDE in WinAVR package called Programmers Notepad. But it lacks some nice features like syntax highlighting and other options like custom themes. Of course you can always use AVRStudio or Eclipse as IDE as alternatives. Vassilis has been using Notepad++ for some time and decided to set up it to work with AVR-GCC like it were in Programmers Notepad but with all Notepad++ features. He was able to integrate make commands with help of NppExec plugin. Vassilis put all commands in selectable macro menu so you could compile and program with single mouse click. So if you have worked with Notepad++ before, hawing it working with WinAVR is a great addition to portfolio. Continue reading

Setting up AVR development platform

You can be encouraged to use various types of AVR development tools. Most of them cost money to get full functionality and support. Most common commercial packages are CodeVisionAVR, Imagecraft ICCV, IAR Workbench. All they are great tools out of the box with fast support that you have to pay. Of course, you can give a try with their limited versions to se capabilities as we mentioned before we are going to use free tools that great enough comparing to commercial. WinAVR or AVR-GCC tools WinAVR is a toolset for C programming the AVR microcontrollers. It is a bunch of small programs that make development as comfortable as possible. Main tools here are avr-gcc compiler, avrdude programmer, avr-gdb debugger and even more. These are command line tools, so you need to integrate them into some integrated development environment (IDE). There can be any IDE supporting external tools like Eclipse and of course AVRStudio that we will be using. Besides, WinAVR comes with great program writing tool – Programmers Notepad. Actually, with WinAVR you can write, compile, upload to chip and… Continue reading

AcceLED Pong is The Intelligent Play Stuff!

Talking about the Pong game, most of you here have been at least heard it or ever experienced with it? Pong game is one of the easiest games to be developed and it’s simply the best choice to all the home hobbyists that want to test their skill with the ATmega32. This AcceLED Pong or also known as the Accelerometer Controlled Pong is a very easy project. All you need to do is try to hook it up to an Atmel ATMega32 chip that processes the data and controls a red or green LED matrix. Basically, the game is fully controlled by tilting the board left and right to move the paddle. If you want a more challenging tournament, then you may want to adjust your computer into an advance stage, and see if you can beat the computer or not! The whole code is well written for the ATMega32 and it’s meant to be compiled and installed with the AVR-GCC. As a result, it would be easy to port to an Arduino if you insist to do it! So,… Continue reading