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Simple for Beginners, Hit for High Rollers: Forest Rock Online Slot

Don’t miss the new game from Expanse Studios, released in October last year, and with an RTP of 96.07%: Forest Rock takes you to the heart of the jungle, where you will enjoy bonuses. At the same time, we invite you to a concert by your new favorite band. Sounds weird? Indulge yourself and trust us, you will love rock and roll even if you may not have loved it by now because a group of cute forest animals decided to stand in the way of boredom and make a special concert that will shake up the online casino world. So, pay attention, the creators of video games, Expanse Studios, have a new, fun game – Forest Rock!

You will be ‘sent’ into the deep jungle of the Forest Rock online slot, where you will wake up, shake up, and enjoy the sounds of rock and roll. Expanse Studios has brought together the biggest stars of forest rock and roll in its Forest Rock slot.

This slightly silly video slot comes with a classic set of five columns in three rows and 15 fixed paylines. It is located on the edge of a jungle overgrown with dense vegetation and is a refuge for many forest stars. In producer position, there is a bunny with headphones in its ears, a wild cat is a guitarist, and a charming bear with a cassette player is a manager. Although the lion is a singer, the group’s main star and frontman is an elephant behind the drums. That is the main attraction of this video slot, but there are also supporting roles.

Symbols and Bonus Game With Free Spins

Metaphorically, the symbols of the lowest value are the classic card symbols in the number 10 and the letters A, K, Q, and J. Well known cards for anyone who has played in a casino, at least once. A special symbol, which will serve as a replacement for all symbols, is, of course, the joker. It is represented by the Forest Rock slot logo and has the power to double the value of each win in which it took place. So, whenever the joker performs his function of changing a symbol and makes a winning combination with it, this combination will be worth twice as much. It should be said that the joker appears only in the central columns, i.e., second, third, and fourth.

The main attraction is in the bonus game with free spins for registration of those who hesitate to bet. The ‘tone rehearsal’ of the rock band Forest Rock is over, and now it is time for a spectacle. Each band member can get you to the ‘backstage,’ where the craziest party takes place – in a bonus game. Whenever any of these symbols appear on the game board, you will receive a certain number of free spins. In fact, the symbol needs to be found in the winning combination to reward you with free spins. Now you will see why the elephant is the frontman of the group.

A rabbit, a cat, a bear, and a lion will bring you one free spin for three of the same symbols, two free spins for four of the same symbols, and five free spins for five symbols on the pay line. The elephant symbol is different from all other symbols because it will provide you with a free spin and for only two of the same symbols in the winning combination. The number of free spins won for three or more symbols is the same as for other animals. Each win is doubled, and bonus free spins are also offered.

Doubling the Winnings

When you open the bonus game, the fun begins because each of your winnings in it will be worth double. Besides, each time you create a combination of animal symbols, you will receive additional free spins. The principle of awarding free spins is the same as in the basic game. Since it is possible to get free spins on multiple paylines, it theoretically means that the number of spins is unlimited. Just keep sorting out the more valuable slot symbols, and the bonus game will last indefinitely.

There is another great option for doubling the winnings, which is in the basic game. This option is well known to slot lovers – Gamble, which will be available to you if you do not use the Autoplay mode. After each winning spin, you will have the opportunity to double your winnings. All you have to do is guess which colors will be the next card drawn – red or black. If you hit, you will double your winnings. Gamble can be used five times in a row if, of course, you hit every time.

So, we have informed you what awaits you at this crazy party organized by hard-working forest animals. In addition to fun, an indispensable part of this online casino adventure will be bonuses, and even exclusive ones, which will rain on you.

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