How Can Encryption Improve Your SEO Ranking?

Most of the faulty areas that a business faces are regarding the security measurements. The most important area that you need to ensure in your business is how to opt for the high ranking and how to maintain it properly.  In both cases, you need to stay dependent on search engine hackers. However, it is not the ultimate solution for your page ranking. In such cases, encryption comes into play and helps you to ensure your SEO ranking.

encryption keys

Knowing how encryption helps you to improve your SEO ranking can help you in various ways. Have a look:

What is encryption?

When you use any social media platform, you might feel the need to boost your ranking. However, it is also true that cybercriminals are violating more than $3.25 billion of social media accounts per year. This makes you think that encryption can be a good idea for you to convert your information along with the secret code, which hides the actual meaning.

The technology of encryption and information decryption is known as cryptography. As your unencrypted data can be referred to as the plaintext, the encrypted one is known as the ciphertext. For getting the best encryption, you can opt for SEO Company Melbourne.

How does it work? 

The encryption can be used along with the algorithms or the ciphers for encoding and decoding messages. In case any unauthorized person comes across the messages, he/she has to sense out the code messages. The entity has to guess the cipher you have used for the message encryption and work on the keys where it has been used as the variables.

This decoding task is undoubtedly very frustrating, making encryption a good option for enhancing your security features.  

What methods can you use for encryption? 

There are some of the SEO needs that you need to check on. If you are working with encryption, then you need to work with it in the best way. Here are the two methods that you can opt for boosting SEO for the encryption:

End to end encryption

End-to-end encryption comes as ascertaining data that gets transmitted when you or another party cannot view the intercept or the communication meaning. However, using the encrypted circuit provided by Transport Layer security of the web client and the server software always does not guarantee that the E2EE comes with it. The client software should do the information you are transmitting before getting it passed with a web client. And it is only going to be decrypted with the recipients.

Messaging applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, and the Open Whisper System Signal come with end-to-end encryption. Facebook and messenger for the users can get the E2EE messaging along with the ” secret conversations.”

Quantum cryptography

Quantum cryptography offers you the most anticipated security that you need for your website. The quantum mechanical properties ensure the proper data protection. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle comes with two properties that can easily be identified along with a particle. Both come with the location and the momentum.

This means that the quantum-encoded data cannot be copied. In case anyone tries to encode the data, the data is going to change. Also, it comes with alerts whenever anyone attempts to copy or access the data.


Opting for the proper security measurements gives you a better SEO ranking. Along with the encryption, you are secured from the infected spam sites, redirecting the visitors to the spam pages. Also, it gives you better protection from malware and the stealing of your domain authority.

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