Shopify Alternatives For Marketing And Selling Online

Shopify is one of the many popular eCommerce software solutions available today. This platform comes with a wide variety of features such as product catalogs, online payment options, integrated cataloging, and more.


Shopify has also become a global phenomenon. Nowadays, you can’t learn anything about eCommerce without someone bringing up Shopify and just how powerful of a platform that they are.

Despite the powerful marketing punch that Shopify provides, there’s always going to be alternatives that come with exactly what you’re looking for. So if you’re not into using Shopify and need some help with finding other solutions? Then this article is really going to help you out.

4 Shopify Alternatives And Competitors

So maybe you want to do more than just sell eCommerce and physical products. Maybe you want to sell digital products, online courses, or even generate leads to some type of live or automated webinars. There are software tools for this.

In fact, there are quite a few platforms that come along with everything that you could ever need for your online business. Are you curious to see what those platforms come with? Then let’s get started right away.

1) Kartra – The All In One Business Building Platform

Whether you want to sell digital products or physical products, you’re most likely going to need to use landing pages and sales funnels. This is what makes Kartra so popular, and why it has become one of the top business-building platforms.

Not only is Kartra great for creating your marketing pages and sales funnels, but they also offer many other helpful features such as email automation, memberships, video hosting, affiliate management, and so much more.

When you consider just how many features and tools that you get, their price tag becomes much easier to justify. It’s a true all-in-one platform and is ideal for a wide variety of online sellers and marketers.

Shopify overall might cost a little less, but it’s easy to see that Kartra offers more features when being compared side by side. If you’re looking to build your entire online business while still being able to do eCommerce, then Kartra is a great alternative to take a look at.

2) Builderall – The Powerful Digital Marketing Platform

You might be surprised to see yet another sales funnel builder being labeled as a great Shopify alternative. Here’s the thing about Builderall. Similar to Kartra, they have everything that you need to build your online business. Even better, Builderall comes with many more tools when compared to Kartra.

From websites to landing pages, to sales funnels, to memberships, to webinars, to email marketing, and yes, you can even create your very own eCommerce sites for selling physical products. Also being compared to Shopify, Builderall comes along with some of the best pricing when you consider the number of features and tools that you get.

3) Shift4Shop – Perfect For Launching Your Online Business

This is one of the solutions that are much more closely related to Shopify. This is for the reason that it’s primarily an eCommerce platform and software. So what can you expect to get from Shift4Shop? Let’s find out now.

Shift4Shop is considered a turnkey solution that makes it easy to build a website while growing your business. While building a website doesn’t sound all too extravagant, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making sales.

You can build websites that are used for dropshipping, arts and crafts, hardware, electronics, books, toys and games, print-on-demand products, and so much more.

After creating your specific website, you can add further edit your theme, add your products, add extra pages, and of course, edit the language of your store page in case you want to sell to multiple countries.

While Shopify might be a veteran compared to Shift4Shop, you can’t argue with the fact that it’s going to be $0 for an enterprise-grade plan. It’s not something you see every day, which is a good reason why it’s ranked as a popular alternative to Shopify.

4) PinnacleCart – Higher eCommerce Firepower

Similar to Shift4Shop, PinnacleCart is yet another eCommerce platform that focuses on building your business on a platform designed for nothing but growth. PinnacleCart also offers many of the features that you can expect to see from an eCommerce software platform.

A few examples of these features include a store builder and designer, product management, multiple payment methods, shipping management, orders and fulfillment, and still many more features. PinnacleCart even comes with the ability to utilize SEO for all of your websites and blogging efforts.


Despite the fact that Shopify is one of the biggest names of eCommerce, sometimes you have to look outside of the obvious other competitors on the market. For example, not too many people would even think about considering both Kartra and Builderall. However, they are both solid solutions to consider when getting started.

Aside from sales funnel builders, you also have the other two helpful eCommerce solutions such as Shift4Ship and PinnacleCart. Each of these two platforms offers many different features at an affordable price. It all comes down to what features you’re looking for, and the ease of use of each software platform.

At the end of the day, make sure that you properly test each platform that you’re interested in before you get started. This will save you time, effort, and money in the long run because you don’t want to get stuck paying for software that doesn’t ultimately fit your needs.

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