Online Casino Web Design in 2021

Website Design For Casinos

Business is booming for online casinos, with thousands of gambling websites already in existence and more popping up practically every day. Many factors affect an online casino’s success, including types of games, odds, payment options, and more. However, one of the most important considerations for any online casino is its website design.

Web Design

The website’s design affects the overall user experience and often determines whether a potential player remains on a site or bounces to another casino. There are many different elements to consider when designing a casino website. Here are just a few that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Who is your target audience: Of course, your target audience is gamblers but which gamblers? Retired seniors who enjoy slots? Dedicated sports fans looking to wager on their favorite game or a younger audience interested in gambling based on esports and popular video games like the sites found at csgobettings? Determining who the particular audience will be will affect to a certain extent how the website is designed. Plus, focusing on a particular audience is likely going to bring you more success.
  • Grab potential player’s interest from the start: When a new user lands on an internet casino’s homepage, they aren’t going to be interested in a long explanation about everything the casino offers or the history of gambling. Their priority is getting to the games, followed closely by bonus offers they can take advantage of. This information shouldn’t be tucked away. It should be at the top of the page and the first thing that catches the eye of anybody landing on the site without having to scroll or click to get to it.
  • Mobile optimization: Online casinos have been trending towards designs suited for mobile device users for several years, which hasn’t changed. It is well known that more people access the internet using phones than with any other device. Initially, many sites offered downloadable apps that phone and tablet users could install and play games with. The disadvantage of apps is that they take up space in your device, and some people don’t like downloading an app and risking a virus or malware. However, more recently, the trend has been to optimize the entire site for mobile users. Many games are now HTML-based and can be played right in any device’s web browser, and the best online casinos work equally well on phones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Color scheme: The colors used on casino websites can directly affect players’ attitudes and are important design considerations. Black and purple can evoke a feeling of wealth and prestige and might be appropriate if you aim at high-rollers. Red can generate energy and power feelings, while a color like blue is considered relaxing and imparts trust. Think about what feelings you want visitors to your site to experience when considering casino website color schemes.
  • Navigation: It is annoying going to a website and not finding what you are looking for or having to click half a dozen times before you reach your desired destination. Online casinos are no different. Think about what players will be looking for and make it easy for them to locate it and get there. Annoyed users are users who leave the site.
  • Need for speed: People don’t like waiting around for a website or webpage to load. Studies have shown that almost half the visitors to a website expect it to load in less than 2 seconds, and 40% of people will leave a site if it hasn’t finished loading in 3 seconds. Some online casinos have used land-based casinos as a model and have designed websites with many bells and whistles. That is changing, and the trend is more towards a more simple, streamlined approach. Sites load faster, and there are also fewer distractions.

Online Casinos and WordPress

Undertaking to design and building an online casino website yourself can be a daunting task. Of course, you can hire a professional to build your site from scratch, but that can be very expensive. Another approach would be to use WordPress for creating your online casino website. There are WordPress themes designed specifically for online casinos and many more that can be easily adapted for gambling sites. Most WordPress themes are highly customizable, so you don’t have to worry about your site looking exactly like another. Here are a few of the best WordPress themes for online casinos:

  • Poker Dice by Progression Studios: Poker Dice is a WordPress theme designed specifically for sports betting apps, casino affiliate sites, and casino websites. Build outstanding websites as either an affiliate offering a program or the owner of a gambling organization. Poker Dice is mobile optimized and views well on smaller screens. The theme is translation-ready and can be used to build a multilingual website. It is highly customizable and comes with many pre-designed elements that you can drag-and-drop with no effort, and is search engine optimized.
  • Mercury by Space Themes: This is perhaps the most popular WordPress theme for casino and gambling websites. It is mobile optimized, extremely customizable, and has very fast loading times. Mercury has 10 pre-made homepages, including casinos, horse racing, and esports betting. It also comes with a nice set of affiliate-focused marketing tools. It is a perfect theme for building gambling affiliate sites.
  • WP Casino Theme by Flytonic: This WordPress theme is a fully customizable gambling and casino theme that is easy to set up and install. It is mobile optimized and translation ready to set up multilingual sites. The WP Casino Theme comes with custom widgets and a customized review page and post type for those building gambling affiliate websites.

With WordPress themes being so customizable, it is relatively easy to put your own design ideas into effect while keeping up with the latest casino web design trends, and there are many themes aside from those discussed here.

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