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Running head How to Make Your Websites Work on 200% With SEO


The search engine optimization is concerned with the construction of the quality content and web pages so as to attract users to the website. For the website traffic to increase there is a need to create effective and unique content which is helpful to the users. Also, the following should be considered.

Captivating keyword

A captivating keyword should be placed on each and every page so as to attract the viewers. Also each and every page should be different so as to make the work remain attractive. The captivating keyword should appear on the page tittle, URL, Meta tags and the images.


Improve the tittle page

According to SEO specialist in Vancouver, the tittle page is the first thing that the viewers see whenever they look at the site. It is also the first thing that the SEO shows. Therefore, the tittle page should arouse curiosity from the viewer and a sense of eagerness. The title page should be written using numbers and colorful letters mainly because the page title is the most valuable assets at ones disposal for attracting customers.

Quality content

Create content which are of high quality and which are highly using to the viewers. Also ensure that the content is shared and connected in the social media platforms and it is constantly updated. The better the quality the more the likelihood the viewers will be willing to view it and share to other users through the social media platform.


Meta descriptions

Write something attractive about the product or the brand that is being offered. This will ensure that the viewers are able to see and get more information on what is being offered. Therefore, it is important to write something fascinating or else there will be no one who will be interested in checking the site.

Brief and helpful URLs

Ensure that the URL is kept short and precise. This is mainly because the people do not like to view sites which have long URLs as they appear suspicious and they are often ignored. The URLs should be a summary of the page and what is being offered.

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    One important thing to note is that today most Cms platforms (wordpress, drupal etc.) have Seo extensions /plugins that simplify and automate the application of most of the basics of Seo. They are able to tell you if a content is well optimized of not, and assist in the optimization . for example I use since many years WordPress with Yoast ‘s plug-in,which is also able to generate open graph metas for social sharing, etc. It deserves a test.

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    Ps: no I’m not trying to promote any service, i’ my just a passionate Web enthusiast πŸ™‚

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