Plumbing Technology Advancements You Might Want To Know More About

Whenever talking about plumbing and technology the question that seems to pop up more often now than ever is: “What is next?” In the past few years, we saw so many technological advancements made in the plumbing industry. Some of these are meant to conserve water while others are just meant to make things easier for the user. No matter the case, there is no way to deny the fact that plumbing technology advances much faster than expected.

Obviously, the plumbing trends that are widespread and more available to people are those that are surely going to hold the test of time. However, you never know what acceptance level something has. According to Fix It Right plumbing experts, numerous trends came and went. Those that are nowadays really interesting and that you should know more about are presented below.


The most widespread trend in toilet plumbing technology is the need to conserve water. Toilet technology is nowadays meant to help you use as little water as possible when you flush but there are also advancements made to improve functioning and increase comfort.

Smart toilets are quite common at the moment. They have simple cleaning functions that are eliminating the need to have to use toilet paper. This is really important for those that want to protect the environment. It is also shown to be better when looking at personal hygiene. You may want to know that some Japan smart toilets can even detect the human waste in order to detect illnesses and deficiencies.


When thinking about the technology used in faucets, the addition of the touch screen is what stands out. You can now get faucets that allow you to quickly select the warmth of the water you receive. Some can even give you sparkling water right out of the faucet.

Some homeowners opt for faucets with touch screens that regulate water PH levels so they get healthier water. Others want to go for gadgets that help them to memorize preferred water temperature. Even some gadgets exist to change water color based on temperature. If you go for faucet gadgets, choose those that include wireless control for extra comfort.

Tubs And Showers

There are numerous options available, including hammock tubs, steam showers and Jacuzzi tubs. Plumbing technology advancements did take tubs and showers into account. Again, water conservation is a huge priority but luxury is also something that is commonly considered.

Many different nozzles are available. They do different interesting things. You can also include steam vents inside the shower to be luxuriously cleaned. Most likely you already know about the LED lights that create a completely custom show for every single shower you take.

On the whole, it is really easy to find gadgets and devices that will make your entire plumbing a lot better. It is actually difficult not to find them showcased in stores these days. Choose those gadgets that are the best for you and always find those that also include water-saving features.

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