Apps That Attorneys Should Consider Using

The law is not changing as fast as some people think, but the job of the attorney is changing. Technology is influencing every single industry in the world. Law did not lag behind. There are now so many tools attorneys can use. Why not take advantage of that? Offen Law already did and recommends the following apps as being indispensable for modern attorneys.

Billing, Billable Hours, And Accounting Software

Even when dealing with a smaller law practice, hours have to be tracked so that time can be counted. You also need to be aware of the clients that do not pay or know how much they have to pay. There are different great options available in the business world, like Xero, Quicken, or QuickBooks. However, since you work as an attorney, it is a much better idea to find those that are designed for law firms. Such software will capture time, record it and then generate the required invoice. After that, the entry is added to the accounting books.

Productivity Software

This includes spreadsheets, Word processing, presentation software, and everything that can increase law firm productivity. Every single law firm needs to adopt a software productivity suite. The standard option to consider is Microsoft Office. The web-based option is the one that is usually recommended since Office 365 allows cloud computing interaction.

While Office 365 is preferred, it is worth considering the G Suite by Google. It keeps improving and allows really fast usability from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet. Be sure that you consider them both to be sure that you choose the option that is the very best for you.

PDF Conversion Programs

Every single seasoned attorney out there can tell you that you do not have to wait a lot in order to see piles of papers show up in the law office. Documents can so quickly pile up, and you need to find options that help you to reduce this waste.

PDF conversions are significant since, in modern law practice, the use of this document type has become the norm. While not much is said about the software that converts PDF files, it is evident that they are being used. The great news is that most of these are free. You can easily take advantage of them and reduce the paper trail that is present in your law office.

Legal Research Software

When a case appears, you need to be prepared. Legal research solutions give you access to many benefits that you should never neglect. Usually, most law companies out there use one of 2 online legal research services: Westlaw and LexisNexis. These give you access to many different pricing models and packages. However, they are not at all cheap. You want to be sure that you make the best choice for the law practice. The subscription that you go for should give you access to all the research that you need, according to the cases that are normally handled by the law firm.

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