Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

Top SEO And Digital Marketing Trends Of 2021

With digitalization, digital marketing has become an immense part of any business and brand. And search engine optimization or most popularly known as SEO is the most crucial part of digital marketing. It has the ability to attract more eyes to your business or brand. All over the globe, there are 4.5 billion people who actively use the internet. And most businesses often forget why they are in business and who is getting benefits from the services or products they are offering. SEO is not something that you can give a shut-eye to and move on to the next level. Continue reading

A Career Guide for Ecology and Environment Science Graduates

Everyone wants a fulfilling career filled with promises for a better future. There are many options to choose from in this rapidly changing world and no longer restricted exclusively to one field. A common observation across the board in job markets is an increasing need for degrees surrounding sustainability. Namely, studies that are heavily involved with creating a livable future. Two such disciplines are ecology and environmental science. Continue reading

How truck drivers use technology to avoid fatigue-based accidents

Truck drivers must adhere to work time rules for their own safety and other road users’ safety. Work time rules ensure that drivers take regular breaks and don’t endlessly work. 50 years ago, drivers would drive 15-20 hours straight, get a few hours’ sleep, then repeat the journey. That’s no longer acceptable. Health and safety concerns have driven a raft of legislation to reduce fatigue behind the wheel so that drivers don’t fall asleep while driving. Some countries use tachographs to monitor work time, and others use logbooks, either paper or electronic. There are specific requirements for the minimum amount of information included in a logbook record to make it legal. If a police officer asks to see a logbook, the driver must supply it immediately (i.e., it must be in the truck and up-to-date). If there are any minor errors or omissions, the police officer has discretion whether or not to fine the driver or make waiving a fine contingent on them doing a police-recommended logbook diversion course. Continue reading

How To Develop A Successful Enterprise Mobility Strategy

It is everyone’s wish to have a successful enterprise mobility strategy. However, the basic fact is that you need to deploy fast-moving products and services in your company. With enterprise mobility, your company will be fast in innovativeness hence grow rapidly in the current economic world. There are some considerations which must be considered for such and security is among them. However, your company also needs to be creative to outdo the competitors quickly. You should figure out problem-solving techniques, which will help to boost workplace productivity. This digital technology will always ensure your company performs better every day. Here are tips for developing a successful enterprise mobility strategy. Continue reading

Six Essentials to Learn About When Planning to Be Successful In IT

Do you like the information technology sector, and you think you can be successful? The information technology sector is gaining some popularity, and people are turning towards it as their career. This sector has helped many companies in managing their activities as well as their employees. There are certain essentials or skills you need to have to be successful in this sector. Now, let’s see the six essentials you need to know. Continue reading

How to get most of Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs?

Almost since day one, one or another type of PCB was a necessary component in electronics. Earlier it was used as mechanical support where electronics components were attached and wired separately. Later from being only mechanical support, PCBs started providing electrical connectivity. Modern rigid PCBs are more than mechanical support and connectivity. They can integrate electronic components such as antennas, inductors resistors and capacitors. Modern PCBs are designed to spread thermal energy to keep parts cool. In some cases, PCBs are used as design elements, front and back panels. Rigid PCBs dominates because of their manufacturing simplicity, low cost and high demand. Modern electronics have changed significantly with the increasing demand for small, sophisticated and yet efficient devices. Small devices tend to have weird shapes and are packed with loads of electronics where conventional rigid PCBs start failing to fill this niche as is it cannot be bent, or be layered on top of each other without increasing thickness of device size. Earlier flex PCBs were used moderately in the limited number of applications due to increased expenses of limited… Continue reading