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Monster Truck Culture at BestRoboFest by Association Noosphere and Max Polyakov

Monster Trucks are a full-fledged culture that occupies the hearts and minds of dedicated followers. They are delighted by huge trucks and ruthless car shows: all types of vehicles take to the fields and arenas all over the world. The huge events, like MosnterCarsUA, hosted by association Noosphere and Max Polyakov, bring together thousands of shouting fans for the crazy engines and vehicle smashing silliness.

Image Credit: MonsterCarsUA via FB


More about Monster Trucks

1. How it started

Monster Trucks are a prominent culture that started during the late 1970’s. In the beginning, stock pickups were remodeled with oversized tires and suspensions which were two times their initial size. Meanwhile, “Mad Max” (a dystopian thriller) was shot in Australia, initiating the dieselpunk style and bringing the 1st monster car, the Interceptor.

The formal Monster Truck fair took place in 1981. The 1st actual Monster Truck, (Bigfoot), was driven by Bob Chandler (an American). He had prepared a video of how he drove his huge truck over 2 vehicles at a field. He intended to promote his truck to encourage potential  customers to purchase the components of his truck. One person who saw that video recommended that he perform a live show, where people could see how he drives over vehicles. The show turned out extremely successful and people requested more shows of Bigfoot.

2. Monster Trucks Currently

Monster Truck shows are now moving around the world and go by various names. In the Netherlands, Canada and the US it is known as Monster Jam. In the UK — as Monster Truck. The biggest shows are races, daredevils, and stunt shows.

The Monster Truck Show is just a show but it is extremely dangerous. Standard safety rules of each vehicle have been created by MTRA (Monster Truck Racing Association). Each driver must have a fire extinguisher, a helmet and must wear a five-point seat harness. Every vehicle has neck braces, of course.

3. Where it is heading

The monster vehicle culture keeps growing. Mechanics all over the globe are remodeling vehicles out in “Mad Max” style and several other themes.

This movement also has reached Ukraine. For instance, a number of demonic inventions and vehicles were presented at BestRoboFest (one of the Ukraine’s  biggest robotics shows). The show was a separate expo of BestRoboFest dedicated solely to monster vehicles and was called MonsterCarsUA and took place for the 1st time in 2017.

It gathered seventeen designers from Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine.  Extraordinary jeeps, cars, motorcycles, trucks and bicycles were shown off, Both the judges and the spectators were amazed by the unique collection. The show organizer, Noosphere Association (founded by Max Polyakov), decided to reward the winner by sponsoring the creation of a new vehicle for the following show the next year. The concept will be represented next year in real life!

Image Credit: MonsterCarsUA via FB

Max Polyakov, Noosphere Ventures said, that he enjoyed seeing the number of contestants and spectators, which doubled over 2016, when BestRoboFest happened for the for first time.

“Monster Trucks” in Dnipro (Ukraine) has reached so far and it promises to be even more astonishing next year! Anyone with a progressive, ingenious mind can take part with their auto-bike and moto creations. Time to start inventing! Whether for yourself and the whole world, because everyone seeks that adrenaline feeling and a real taste for life!

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