Is Your Website In Need of an Overhaul – Red Flags to Watch Out For

It’s common knowledge that to be competitive in today’s technology-driven marketplace, every company, both big and small, need to have a website that customers and clients and visit. And while there is no question surrounding the need for one, where there does seem to be some grey area is just how much work, effort, and thought goes into designing the Website.

Website Overhaul

If you were guilty of quickly throwing together a website for your company only for the sake of having one, or even if you did put thought and planning in it, but it is many years old at this point, it may be time to consider an overhaul. But what are the red flags to watch for? How do you know the Website has reached the end of its lifespan? Here are some common signs to consider.

Your Website Won’t Load on Mobile Devices

This is a common issue among sites that were designed a while ago, or without forward-thinking. If your Website won’t load on a mobile device, or it does load but doesn’t look the way it does on a desktop computer – then it’s time for a significant overhaul. Considering how many internet searches are conducted on mobile devices nowadays, you can’t afford to lose out on those potential visitors and customers.

The Bounce Rate is High

A bounce rate is an elementary term; it refers to the visitors that land on your Website but do little to no exploring and then leave before they click on anything. In other words, they “bounced”. You need to be thinking of each of these visitors as potential lost revenue. The goal is to keep them on the Site, have them explore, and click on various pages.

Pages Take Ages to Load

Here’s a simple red flag to look for. If the pages are slow to load and seem glitchy, it’s most definitely time for an overhaul.

The Site Doesn’t Feel or Look Engaging

Another red flag is the general appearance of the Website. If it doesn’t look and feel engaging to visitors, people aren’t going to stick around. Sometimes all it takes are a few tweaks to modernize the Site and create appeal once again.

Think Twice Before Tackling the Overhaul Yourself

If after reading these red flags to watch for you’ve realized that it’s time for an overhaul, it’s also wise to consider who would make the changes. Hire a professional web designer for small business. This is the smartest use of your money. Think of it as an investment in the company’s future success. A professional will have the necessary skills, programs, and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to website design.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

Your Website is extremely important to the company’s success, so with that in mind, the warning signs shouldn’t be ignored.

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