How To Create Video Slideshows In Windows?

Are you aware of the fact that it is possible to develop a DVD Photo Slideshow in Windows, simply by using the top Slideshow Maker Online? This is known as Windows DVD Maker, and these are free tools that are compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Using this application, similarly as you use Windows Media Player, it Is possible to create Professional DVDs, putting the least effort and within the minimum time. 

Video Slideshows In Windows

While exploring the DVD Makers, you will come across more than 20 different styles that permit the users to develop the most engaging DVDs, themed on different topics. Likewise, it is possible to customize these DVDs by adding disc titles, and note pages, as well as by menu text editing. 

1. Windows DVD Maker 

When it comes to creating Slideshows, you should not expect to find tons of features and functions with the Windows DVD maker. It is for this reason, this application is meant to serve the purpose of burning out projects, created previously. On the first note, it is important to discuss the steps to use this application for creating Photo Slideshows that users can burn to DVDs at subsequent times, using this application. 

With the help of Windows DVD Maker, it is possible to customize the DVD menu, simply by using the professional styles that come inbuilt. As such, in case you are having a ton of Photos and you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, it is possible to create DVD Slideshows that can be shared and watched on the TV. 

1. Go to the Start Menu. From there, go to the All Program Tab. Now, you need to click on Windows DVD Maker. 

2. You will find the Add Items tab on the top left. This allows users to add videos and pictures to their DVD Projects. 

3. Now, you need to browse to your location folder and select the photos of your choice. Once done, you need to press the Add Button. Doing this, you will find a folder for Slideshows that contains the pictures. In case you have ample pictures stored in various folders, you can pick any photo from the folder of your choice. 

4. Going ahead, hit the Next Button that will enable you to select the DVD Menu Style of your choice. Here, users can customize the menu as well as get a preview to the DVD Menu. 

After you have customized the setting, you should hit the Burn tab to complete the process. This will burn the DVD, and subsequently, you will be having your exclusive Slideshow on the DVD. 

Windows DVD Maker is capable of encoding movies in the DVD style of your choice. As the encoding process can take some significant time, even longer than the time taken to complete the burning process, you need to be patient for the time, until the process gets completed. 

In case you are on the Windows 8 or 8.1 Operating Systems, and you lack the access to DVD Maker, you can try the DVD Slideshow GUI. This is freeware. 

2. DVD Slideshow GUI 

This tool involves the use of tons of Free-of-cost tools that come as comprehensive packages, forming a GUI interface. After you install this and you make it to run, you need to click on the Slideshow tan and subsequently, click on the Add Videos and Pictures button. 

You are going to explore a list of the pictures that come with information like the duration of the Slide, Transition, and its duration, as well as Animation. As for the duration, it comes in frames, and as for the transitions, it is selected randomly by default, once users upload a picture. Further, users have the chance to change the settings. This can be done by just a right-click on the picture of choice. This will fetch the dialog box of the Slide settings, instantly. 

Here, users can alter the durations and the transitions and then can even click on a brush-like icon. This will ask the user to select his/her photo editor of choice. Users can pick anything as per their choice from Photoshop, in case he/she has already installed the Microsoft Paint application. This way, it is possible to edit photographs beforehand or through the DVD Slideshow. Using the Subtitle option, users can add the texts of their choice on an image, and subsequently, they can alter the position as well as the text styling, using the drop-down box. 

Likewise, users can opt for animation by clicking on the selected image. Users can zoom, pan, as well as make the images rotate by using this application. 

Microsoft Photo Story 3 

Online YouTube video editor was released to the market, almost a decade back. However, it is still rated as a worthy and reliable application that is compatible with Windows OS versions between XP and 8.1. 

After installing the application, users should select the “Begin a New Story” option from the Wizard. 

Once the next screen comes up, you need to click on the Import Picture tab, subsequently, choosing all the pictures that you would like to be included in the Slideshow. After loading the selected photos, you can click on any picture that lies in the grid lying at the bottom of the screen. Now, you require clicking on a tiny button that will bring the necessary correction to the color levels. 

After you have clicked the Edit button, you will be able to crop your photo as well as rotate it or fix it automatically, and besides, you will be able to add special effects. Also, if you want, you can apply any effect to all the pictures. 

Now, it is possible to add titles to your photos as well as adjust and justify the font, simply by using the nominated buttons. You will find these tabs lying immediately above the text box. It is possible to select a single effect for all the photos lying on the screen.

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